Personality Quiz: Find Your Suitable Type of Cortez

26 October, 2018

Image Personality Quiz: Find Your Suitable Type of Cortez

At the beginning of 2018, in February 2018 to be exact, Cortez with an engine displacement of 1,800 CC was officially introduced to the people of Indonesia. Wuling's desire to fulfill the wishes of the Indonesian families to own a new choice of MPV that suits their needs was realized. Equipped with transmission options of 6-speed manual transmission and i-AMT (Intelligent Automated Mechanical Transmission), Cortez arrived with the title The New Choice of MPV. Not only it is termed as a new choice for its new kind of transmissions, but also for its physical appearance on the exterior, and all the advanced features.

We do realise that there are many kinds of people in Indonesia with all sorts of professions and different areas of residence, these factors in when selecting the rides that suit one’s needs. Thus, in April, we officially launched the 1,500 CC version of Cortez at the IIMS 2018. With new choices of MPV that is being offered, now finding the one that suits your lifestyle and needs just becomes easier and more directed. The question is, which is more suitable for you; driving Cortez 1.5 or 1.8 series? Come on, let’s join the quiz below!

1.     Who are you?
___a.     A person who sits in an office cubicle
___b.    A freelancer

2.    Which is more important to you?
___a.     Advanced features
___b.    Strong engine
3.    Where do you go mostly on the weekends?
___a.     Malls
___b.    Out of town
4.    How often do you take your family up for a vacation?
___a.     Maximum 2 times a week
___b.    Every day
5.    How often do you experience traffic jam?
___a.     Every day
___b.    Rarely
6.    Do you often find yourself:
___a.     Relaxed when driving?
___b.    Rushing for being late?
7.     Do you have the hobby of modifying cars?
___a.     Definitely
___b.    Not much

Once you are done with the above questions, let’s count the result to match your personality with the type of Cortez that is suitable for you to do your everyday activities. If you answered mostly A’s, then your Cortez is 1.5, on the contrary, if you answered mostly B’s, you are more likely to enjoy driving Cortez 1.8. And why is that?

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Cortez 1.5

kuis kepribadian temukan tipe cortez yang sesuai untuk anda_1 600x268
With an engine capacity of 1,500 CC, this type of Cortez certainly does not need to generate as much energy as the Cortez 1.8 series, therefore fuel consumption will be more efficient. With an affordable price range, Cortez 1.5 becomes an attractive alternative to consider.

The provided transmission is manual with 6 speeds, making it nicer for an occasional driving or to drive through a vacant toll road. You have the utter control to maneuver when driving on both the grips of your hands and your feet!

Quality-wise, Cortez 1.5 and 1.8 were produced through a manufacturing process that both relies on the expertise of its workers at the Wuling Motors factory located in Cikarang, West Java. Using its advanced machineries and the Global Manufacturing System, resulted in equally qualified production as any other Wuling produced cars. However, in terms of features, of course Cortez 1.5 is not as complete as Cortez 1.8, but if you are a fan of car modification with friends from the Wuling community, of course it will be more interesting to explore the Cortez 1.5 series.

Cortez 1.8

kuis kepribadian temukan tipe cortez yang sesuai untuk anda_2 600x268
Many Wuling fans have expressed their satisfaction in driving Cortez which was introduced earlier. From its sunroof feature that gives the impression of elegance and class, the choice of i-AMT transmission that makes it easy to break through the congested traffic of the capital city, the airbags planted on the front and side add extra comfort and safety.

Reliable safety features such as hill-hold control, electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), electric parking brake, and anti-lock braking system (ABS) are only a few of the many safety features embedded in the Cortez 1.8 engine system. Its bigger engine displacement also enables it to be driven long distances up to out of town and even on more challenging terrain with extra smooth ride.

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So, how? Have you determined the type of Cortez that suits your needs, habits, and personality? If you are still not sure, then we suggest reading more fully about the features and advantages of each Cortez. Then, visit our dealer close from your home, meet one of our sales staffs, schedule a time for a test drive, ask for the current promo, and take Cortez home with you! Keep moving with Wuling and drive for a better life!

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