Car Turn Signal: What’s The Functions and How To Fix When Broken

17 November, 2021

Image Car Turn Signal: What’s The Functions and How To Fix When Broken

Each car is equipped with four turn signal lights usually placed on the left, right, the front and/or back of the car. Almaz RS has the turn signal above  the main car light with a modern LED technology.

When turned on, the turn signal will light simultaneously on the right or left side only. The main goal for the turn signal is to provide signal to other drivers. At least there are several functions of the turn signal that are important for you to know.

Car Turn Signal Functions

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1. Give Sign To Switch Path

Berikan Tanda Untuk Pindah Jalur

Car turn signal has a function to provide a signal to other drivers when you want to switch lanes. One type of road with many lane switching occurrences is highway road.

When you want to switch lanes, make sure to turn on the car's turn signal first. By turning on the turn signal, it will provide information to other drivers behind, so as not to overtake in the direction of changing lanes.

The turn signal can signal the driver at the front to maintain speed and not switch lanes in the direction to be addressed. Therefore, using turn signal lights can help you switch lane smoothly.

2. Give Sign To Overtake

Berikan Tanda Untuk Menyalip

Turn signal is also necessary to inform your intention to overtake the vehicle in front, so that the vehicle behind can be more careful. Overtaking needs to be done because the car in front is too slow or various other things.

The active turn signal will notify other drivers around, so you can overtake and go faster than the car in front. By looking at the turn signal, the driver in front can know what you mean and will maintain or reduce the speed of his car.

3. Give Signal to the Vehicles in the Opposite Direction

Berikan Tanda untuk Kendaraan di Arah Berlawanan

The turn signal is not only useful for overtaking or changing lanes, but it is also a sign for vehicles in the opposite direction. When you see a vehicle from the opposite direction and want to overtake the car in front, it is necessary to turn on the turn signal.

By looking at your car's turn signal, the car from the opposite direction will reduce the speed of the vehicle. With the use of a turn signal, various collision accidents can be avoided. You need to know the right moment to turn on the turn signal.

Causes of Car LED Turn Signal Damage & How To Fix It

Penyebab Kerusakan Lampu Sein LED Mobil & Memperbaikinya

1. Blown Out Light Bulb

Putusnya Bola Lampu

The main cause that can make the car's turn signal turn off is a broken light bulb which turns out to be a common problem. An old light bulb that’s paired with the wrong way of driving can cause the light bulb to be blown out.

Not only do they blow out, but the light bulb can also break due to overheating or experiencing a severe impact. You will see the bulb wire is broken or does not connect with your eyes. A blown out light bulb cannot be repaired by only reconnecting it.

2. Blown Out Fuse

Putusnya Sekring

When you check the condition of the car's light bulbs and in fact none of them are blown out, then the likely cause is a blown fuse. To check, you have to remove the car fuse, which usually has a turn lamp written on it.

The turn lamp is the part that connects the car fuse with the turn signal. If the turn lamp is removed, the connection will be disconnected and you must subsequently replace it with a new one.

3. Dead Car Battery

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The main cause of the broken turn signal is a dead car battery. In general, the function of a car battery is to store power and to channel it to the turn signal. If the power in the battery dies, the turn signal will also turn off.

A dead battery will also cause various components that require electricity to die. The first way that can be a solution is to charge the battery to increase power. Secondly, you can replace the old battery with a new one.

4. Flasher Gets Off

Flasher Mati

Turn signals not working properly can also be caused by an abnormal flasher component. If the flasher component dies, the turn signal will turn off and one of the best solutions is to replace the flasher with a new one.

5. Broken Light Cable

Putusnya Kabel Lampu

When there is a broken light cable, the work of the turn signal will be hampered. If you find that there is a broken turn signal light cable, you can fix it by connecting or replacing the light cable with a new one.

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