Matic Car Gears – Functions, Usage & Maintenance

14 March, 2022

Image Matic Car Gears – Functions, Usage & Maintenance

If you own a car, you must be familiar with gear shift letters and numbers. Gear is one component in the car, including automatic ones, which has an important role in shifting and directing your car to various places.

However, there are still many people who are not aware of the importance of this part and do not really understand how to maintain it. Even though the damage that occurs in automatic car gears can cause damage to other components which will certainly interfere with your trip.

1. Fungsi Huruf _ Angka Persneling Mobil Matic 1000x569

Functions of Letters & Numbers for Automatic Car Gear

The letters and numbers found on automatic car gear may be confusing for some people. The letters and numbers actually have their own meaning and meaning. However, it seems that some people are only familiar with the neutral and reverse gears. Even though there are various gear codes on automatic cars, such as the letters P, R, N, D, L. There are also numbers, such as numbers 1, 2, and 3 on automatic car gears.

1.1. P Parking 1000x569

P (Parking)

The P code found on the automatic car gear means parking. This code has a function to lock the automatic car transmission so that the car does not move. When you turn on the automatic car, the gear position must be on the letter P. However, P transmission is not used for the parking brake.

This P code means that the automatic car gear is in a locked state so that the engine cannot move but the tires can still move. This one gear code can be used when you want to park the car or stop for a long time.

R (Reverse)

R (Reverse)

You can find the R code on automatic car gears. This letter has a function to make the car move and as the name suggests, this transmission can make the car move backwards.

1.3. N Neutral 1000x569

N (Neutral)

You can also find the letter N in the car's gear code. This code has a function to make the car neutral and unlocked. When in neutral, the car can go forward and backward by being pushed. This transmission is also very useful when the car is in a traffic jam and other situations when the car has to stop for a while.

1.4. D Drive 1000x569

D (Drive)

The transmission of this car is D or Drive. This transmission can be used when the car is moving on a fairly sloping road. However, you should not use this transmission while on an uphill road.

Angka 2 dan 3

Numbers 2 and 3

You can see the number 2 under the letter D and the number 3 next to it. The number 3 is useful for controlling the engine so that the ratio is only up to the third gear. Meanwhile, the number 2 is useful for use when the road is uphill. This transmission can also be used when you go through a not too steep descent.

L (Low)

L (Low)

The next code is L. This letter is the same as number 1. When this transmission is activated, that means the engine will use the lowest or the first gear. In order for the car to be more powerful, usually this one transmission is used to go through steep inclines. This is done so that the engine can get a large torque when it is uphill.

The same is true when you go through a steep descent. Remember to change the transmission when you are on steep roads. The selection of this transmission is recommended so that your car does not get damaged quickly.

M (Manual)

M (Manual)

The M transmission code is usually only found on some cars. The M transmission code is usually under the D code. When the shift lever is directed to the M code, the car will work like a manual car that has a speed gear. In manual mode, you can point the shift lever to the plus or min code to be able to raise the gear.

1.8. Shift Lock 1000x569

Shift Lock

This one code is available on the latest automatic car. Shift lock is useful for locking the transmission lever. This code is very useful when you shift the gear lever from P to N and can be done when the car is either off or on. This code is useful when the car will be parked in parallel so that it can still be pushed even when the machine is off. In this case,  the car can be moved so not to interfere with other cars.

Cara Menggunakan Transmisi Matic

How to Use Automatic Transmission

Automatic car control is not as easy as just pressing the gas and brakes. There are several things that must be considered so that you can be more comfortable and safe while driving. When you want to start a trip, you must make sure the shift lever is in the P or N position.

You have to do this because most automatic cars can only be started when the shift lever is in one of these two positions. When the engine is started, you have to wait a while for the engine temperature to rise. The temperature must rise because some types of automatic car transmission cannot be used when switching the transmission when the engine temperature is not suitable.

You must step on the brake pedal first before shifting the car lever. You can swipe in any direction, as needed. This is done so that there is no damage to the automatic car mechanic. When the car is ready, you can slide the lever towards lever D to go forward and R to go backwards.

In uphill or downhill conditions with slippery roads, you can shift the lever to position 2. If you go through steep roads, you can shift the lever to 1 or L. When you want to move the transmission to a low code such as from 3 to 2, then you must pay attention to the car speed before shifting the lever. Never shift the lever at high speed as this may damage the gearbox.

Cara Perawatan Persneling Mobil Matic

How to Maintain Automatic Car Gears

The convenience provided by automatic cars makes many people not understand how to take care of them. Many people shift the transmission carelessly when the car is not ready. This has a very big risk and can damage the teeth of the automatic car.

By doing this, the gear life will be shortened and other malfunctions may occur. You can also cause the car to get into trouble while it's driving and this could result in an accident.

That is why it is very important to pay attention to good driving procedures so that automatic car gears are not damaged. Here are some things that must be considered so that automatic car gears remain in good condition.

Parkir dengan benar

Park properly

There are several things that must be done when you want to park so that the car transmission can last a long time. You have to understand the gear code on automatic cars so you know what steps to take. Make sure that the car has stopped completely and move the shift lever from D to N.

If the transmission is already in position N, you can pause it for a while and move it again to code P smoothly. If the lever is in the P position, then you can pull the parking brake and turn off the car. This will help the gears to be more durable and less prone to damage. Also, avoid parking the car in position D because it can damage the clutch plate.

Posisi gigi saat macet 

Gear position when jammed

When stuck, if you use an automatic car then you must avoid the transmission position on the letter N. This is because it can damage the car's teeth. If you leave the transmission in the N position when stuck in traffic, the propeller shaft will continue to rotate and this rotation will cause quite a lot of friction when you move the lever to position D and start running.

Of course this can make the car become damaged more quickly. That's why it's so important to keep the gear in position D. You can do this by pressing the brake pedal and then pulling the parking brake. This will maintain the durability of the car gear.

Mengerem dengan baik

Step on the Brake Properly

The next important habit on this is stepping on the brakes and clutch. Some people often step on the brake pedal while stepping on the gas. This is a bad habit and can damage the gearbox. You can immediately step on the gas pedal and release the brake pedal when you want to start the car.

Sering mengganti oli

Change Oil Frequently

Car owners should note the regular schedule of changing the transmission oil. Usually when the car has reached 10000 km, you have to change the engine oil. Changing the engine oil will make the movement of the transmission smoother and the lubricant can protect the engine from friction.

That's some information related to automatic car gears. As previously stated, automatic car gear is a very important part and must be treated carefully so that other parts of the car can work properly too.

As a car owner, you definitely want to have a car with good performance gear. You can find this on the Almaz RS which has automatic gears with a maximum kitchen runway, is comfortable to use, and has a luxurious design. Of course, you can't find this in other cars.

Hopefully all the information in this article can help you understand car gears and how to maintain them, so that your safety and comfort on the road is guaranteed.

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