About Car Horns That Every Car Owner Need to Know

25 July, 2022
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Image About Car Horns That Every Car Owner Need to Know

The car horn is one of the most important components of a vehicle. This component serves to provide a sign when driving on the road. Although it has a fairly important role, unfortunately, there are still many drivers who don't care about the condition of the horn on their vehicle.

To ease the driver to give a signal to other road users, the car is equipped with a horn. This component is in the form of a button that will produce quite a loud sound when pressed which will be a signal for other road users.

What is a car horn, what does it do and how do you take care of it? See the following reviews.

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Understanding Car Horn

The horn is a tool used to communicate between the driver and other road users. The horn is usually used to give a signal or sign to other road users for the safety of both parties, for example when you want to overtake, ask for road space, and so on.

In order for the horn to function optimally, the sound produced by the horn must comply with the applicable rules. The sound of a car horn must have a vibration frequency between 1800-3350 Hz. In Indonesia, horn rules are regulated in Article 71 of PP No. 43/1993.

The horn is one of the mandatory features that must be available on vehicles. To activate this feature, the driver can use the button located in the steering area of the car or on the handlebars of a motorcycle.

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Car Horn Functions

The main function of the horn is as a means of communication between the driver and other road users. However, over time, the function of the horn also changes. The function of the horn can be different in each country which is usually influenced by the culture of each country.

For example, in developed countries, the horn function is only used to warn drivers who are less orderly. Another function is to alert other drivers if it is predicted to cause an accident.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the function of the horn can be more complex. Among them are used to notify the driver if a vehicle is coming at an intersection, warn if there is a potential danger, code to overtake, and even be used to express emotions.

The horn function will be even more unique to the country of India. The sound of the horn is often used as a greeting between drivers on the road. So do not be surprised if the streets of India are very noisy with the sound of honking horns.

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Types of Car Horns

The types of horns can be divided into three, namely air horns, AC electric horns, and DC electric horns. To find out more clearly about this type of car horn, here is the description:

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1. Air Horn

Air horn is a type that can cause vibration or sound from air pressure. This type of horn utilizes an electric compressor or an air brake compressor to produce vibration and sound. The way air horns work is faster when compared to other types of horns because the air source, namely the electric compressor, is located close to the horn.

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2. AC Current Electric Horn

An AC electric horn is a type that uses an electric magnet to produce sound. The electric magnets at the poles will alternate from north to south and vice versa so that it will cause an electric frequency or alternating current. This way, the magnetic poles will produce vibrations in the membrane so that a loud sound occurs on the horn.

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3. DC Current Electric Horn

In this type of electric horn, DC current does not change the frequency of the current because the current only moves in the same direction or does not alternate. The working system of this type of horn is when the breaker contact is closed, the current will flow to the electric magnet so that the membrane is attracted to that direction and produces vibrations and sounds on the horn.

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Reasons for a Broken Car Horn & How to Take Care of It

The horn is one of the features of a vehicle that has a very important function, especially for safety. Unfortunately, this feature also often gets less attention from vehicle users, so it is not uncommon for a car horn to die. This condition can occur for several reasons, including:

Causes of Dead Car Horn:

  • A problem with the horn cable
  • The horn relay is dirty or worn
  • The horn switch is damaged
  • The fuse in the car horn installation is blown
  • The switch is rusty

The main factor that causes the car horn to die is lack of adequate maintenance. This is because there are still many vehicle owners who do not care about the components of these features. Therefore, if you want the horn to function properly, make sure to take good care of it in the following way.

How to Care for a Car Horn:

  • Don't honk too often
  • Avoid buying poor quality horn
  • Keep the surface clean
  • Avoid getting the car horn exposed to water
  • Always press the car horn correctly

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How Much Does a Car Horn Cost?

Currently, there are many types of car horns that you can find on the market. You can choose the type and price of the car horn that suits your needs. However, if you want something durable and not easily damaged, then choose a quality horn type.

Here are some examples of popular car horn brands in Indonesia and their prices:

  • Denso car horn waterproof snail car + relay cable = Rp 143,000
  • Denso waterproof car horn MX relay cable = Rp 141,000
  • Denso Compact Horn disc horn 6920 12V = Rp 120,000
  • Hella Super Tone Red horn = Rp 325.000
  • Hella Black Twin Tone Free Relay car horn = Rp 221,000

Although it is used quite often, there are still many vehicle owners who do not take proper care of their horns. While the car horn has an important role in safe driving, you have to make sure that this feature can work properly and optimally.

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