Bluetooth Technology, How To Connect To Car?

29 December, 2022

Image Bluetooth Technology, How To Connect To Car?

Along with its development, the current car has been equipped with various advanced technologies. One of them is the car's Bluetooth technology which allows the vehicle to connect to a smartphone to play music.

Bluetooth is one of the entertainment features embedded in the vehicle. This technology functions to connect voice activity on smartphones with car audio systems. Then how do you connect Bluetooth to the car?

Apa itu Teknologi Bluetooth

What is Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is a connectivity feature that is located on the head unit of the car. Usually, the latest cars are equipped with this feature to support entertainment features. This technology allows you to send and share multimedia files from your smartphone, such as music.

When Bluetooth is connected to your car, you no longer need to use a car tape or AUX cable to play songs. So it can be said that Bluetooth car audio is very useful like an MP3 player that will accompany you while driving.

Cara Menyambungkan Bluetooth ke Mobil

How to Connect Bluetooth to Car

Bluetooth technology in cars has many functions, one of which is to listen to music. In addition, this technology can also be used to make phone calls while driving.

Before it can be used, you need to connect Bluetooth to the car first. Here's how:

1. Select Menu Setup

The first step to connecting Bluetooth to the car is to activate the audio in the car and then select the 'Setup' option on the head unit monitor screen. If it's not visible on the main menu, you can look for it in the 'Setup' menu in the car audio menu.

2. Select System Menu Options

The next way to activate the car's Bluetooth receiver is to select the system menu in the setup menu. Then select the 'Bluetooth Setup' option. You will be asked to create a password to connect the smartphone to car audio.

3. Select Paired Device List

After entering the 'Bluetooth Setup' menu, the next step is to click on the 'Paired Device List' option to find the device you want to connect to. If the device is not found, select the search menu, then search repeatedly.

If the Bluetooth settings in the car have been successful, then the next step is to connect the smartphone to the car's audio device. This is the last step to play music via Bluetooth in the car.

4. Activate Bluetooth on Smartphone and Car Audio

If both devices Bluetooth is active, click on the car audio Bluetooth name connected to the car device. You will usually be asked to enter a password to connect to it.

Mengatasi Bluetooth Mobil Tidak Terhubung

Fixing Car Bluetooth that is Not Connected

What if the Bluetooth connection has been activated but cannot connect to the car audio? Don't panic because there are ways to deal with car Bluetooth not connecting easily.

The first way is to turn off the Bluetooth connection from the smartphone and car audio devices. Then switch it back on after a while and ensure both devices are connected and properly connected.

If the first method doesn't work, try opening the phone's Bluetooth settings and then selecting the 'forget' option on the car audio device. Then reconnect the phone's Bluetooth with car audio as before.

Keunggulan dan Kekurangan Teknologi Bluetooth

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology in cars offers various functions, especially to support entertainment features. Even so, this technology, in fact, also has drawbacks. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth technology.


  • No cables needed to connect
  • Able to penetrate various media such as walls up to a distance of 10 meters
  • Faster data transfer process
  • It has a system that is practical and easy to use


  • Limited communication distance
  • It uses the same frequency as Wifi
  • The device has a bit of trouble finding the intended connection if a lot of connections are open.
  • Vulnerable to viruses
  • Often experience failure

Currently, many cars are equipped with Bluetooth technology, one of which is the family car of New Cortez. This car is equipped with Bluetooth technology connected to the head unit screen. With the car's Bluetooth technology, listening to music while driving the New Cortez makes driving activities easier.

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