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Car Driving Tips For A Beginner

8 October, 2019

Image Car Driving Tips For A Beginner

Driving a car for a beginner can become either a pleasant or overwhelming experience. If you don’t know the ins and outs of driving, undesirable things might actually happen. To avoid this, a new driver needs to pay attention to these tips below.

Get familiar with your car

The first thing that needs to be done before starting to drive for a beginner is to have a confident feeling behind the steering wheel. Step by step, you need to also understand the components in the car. Concerning the gear shift, you should know the appropriate time and condition to position it. For instance, when you are on an uphill road, it is recommended to use low gear. Similar to this, when you are driving at a high speed, it is better to use a low gear as well.

Find a comfortable position to drive

Before starting the car, make sure to adjust the rearview windows and seats properly so your comfort is ensured. Being comfortable inside of the car may help to ease out the overwhelming feeling that a new driver normally has.

It is important to sit correctly when you drive. Ensure that your back is leaning on the seat of the car in the right position so it doesn’t get stiff and tired easily. Find a seating position that lets you see clearly the conditions around the car. Some would argue that the correct seating position is half the height of the windshield. Also, make sure that your knee position is not too stretched, so you can control the accelerator, brake, and clutch easily. Sit up straight and don’t bend forward.

Avoid distractions when driving

When you are behind the steering wheel, this means you are actually doing a job that requires high concentration. Adjust the rearview mirror, wear a seat belt, and follow traffic rules when driving. Ignore things that can distract your concentration. For example, when you are stuck in a traffic jam, you need to keep your eyes to the front so you can remain alert and be more responsive.

There are two basic things to remember before you drive. First, don’t use your cellphone while driving. Second, don’t drunk drive. As a new driver, you may also want to avoid eating, playing music with high volume, and having a deep conversation while driving as these activities could easily distract your attention.

Hold the steering wheel correctly

You need to hold the steering wheel correctly to have optimal control over your car. Studies have found that putting your hands on the 9 (left hand) and 3 (right hand) o’clock position is the best position to hold the steering wheel. It’s important to position your hand on the steering wheel correctly.

Remember to use turn signals

Turn signals in your car are there for a reason. Turn signals are indicators that let other drivers know when you are about to turn. Once you are on the road, you are of course will be surrounded by other road users. Without giving signals to turn, you could endanger other people. Use signals as indicators when you want to turn, stop for a while, or make a U-turn.

Don’t overspeed

As a driver, you are recommended not to speed up. When you are not fully skilled yet, you could lose control over the car when driving at a high speed. It’s better to drive at a speed that is recommended at the traffic signs on the road.

Maintain a decent distance with other vehicles

Try to maintain a decent distance to the vehicle in front of you. Don’t be too close to other vehicles as it might be difficult to take any action if something bad happened.

Don’t use the horn excessively

Horns are intended to be signals for road users around you and used to tell those who are not aware of your presence. However, don’t use horns excessively as this might be disturbing for other road users.

Keep calm when driving

Don’t let your bad mood influence your driving, especially if you are a beginner. If this happens, your bad mood might cause you to get angry more easily and this wouldn’t make a good driving situation. When you drive, try to be calm and keep a good mood.

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