Consider & Pay Attention to This Before Buying an Electric Car

2 May, 2022

Image Consider & Pay Attention to This Before Buying an Electric Car

Buying an electric car can be a solution to reduce air pollution. This type of vehicle uses an energy source that comes from electricity so it does not cause emissions. This is what makes electric cars claimed to be more environmentally friendly and suitable for use in urban environments.

It is undeniable that the need for vehicles is increasing every time. But behind it all, the level of air pollution is also increasing as a result of emissions from the combustion of vehicle engines. To reduce these adverse effects, currently many car manufacturers are creating electric vehicles that are more environmentally friendly.

As the name suggests, electric cars use electrical energy from the battery pack to start the vehicle. Electric cars have recently become increasingly popular in the community. One of the best electric cars in Indonesia is the Wuling GSEV which offers advanced technology but still has an affordable price.

Pertimbangkan dan Perhatikan Sebelum Beli Mobil Listrik

Consider and Pay Attention Before Buying an Electric Car

As many people know about electric cars, this type of vehicle is not only more environmentally friendly but also offers many other advantages. Even so, before deciding to buy it, there are many things that you need to pay attention to in order to be ready to take good care of it. Here are some things to consider and you should pay attention to before deciding to buy an electric car.

Jarak Tempuh Mobil Listrik

Electric Car Mileage

Electric cars utilize the power from the battery pack as an energy source to drive the vehicle's engine. You need to know that the battery pack in electric cars has a maximum mileage limit according to the battery capacity used. If the battery runs out, then you need to charge it before using.

Each type of electric car usually has a different power capacity and mileage. Before buying an electric car, it's a good idea to first pay attention to the maximum distance the vehicle can reach in one charge. Because if you want to use it for long trips, it will be very inconvenient if you have to charge the battery in the middle of the trip.

Ketersediaan Stasiun Pengisian Daya

Charging Station Availability

Recharging electric car batteries cannot be done anywhere. Some types of electric cars require recharging to be done in a special place that has been prepared by the car manufacturer so that the voltage generated is according to needs and the car engine is not easily damaged.

Before buying an electric car, don't forget to consider the availability of a charging station. Choose the type of electric car that has charging stations in easily accessible locations. This is to support the smooth running of your activities when using the electric car.

Perhatikan Daya Listrik di Rumah

Pay Attention to Electricity at Home

Some types of electric cars can charge the battery at home as long as it has sufficient voltage. Therefore, before deciding to buy an electric car, first pay attention to the electrical power in the house. If possible, you can install your own charging kit at home.

Perhatikan Masa Garansi Baterai Mobil 1000x569

Pay attention to the car battery warranty period

Each electric car has a different type of battery and lifespan. Before buying an electric car, also pay attention to the warranty period and the length of battery usage offered.

This is important to note if at any time the electric car battery has problems and is still within the warranty period, you can file a claim. In this way, it will certainly be very profitable, especially for electric car maintenance costs.

Pertimbangkan Asuransi Mobil Listrik

Consider Electric Car Insurance

Before buying an electric car, you also need to pay attention and consider insurance for the vehicle. The reason is that the insurance for electric cars is usually bigger when compared to conventional cars. In fact, if we look at the facts on the road, the risk of an accident is the same.

However, it should be noted that the cost of damage for electric cars is usually more expensive when compared to conventional cars. Therefore, it is very important to protect your electric vehicle with insurance to minimize the risk of financial loss in the future.

Sesuaikan dengan Kebutuhan 

Adjust to Needs

One more thing you need to pay attention to before buying an electric car in Indonesia is to adjust it to your needs. Currently there are many types of electric cars that you can choose according to your needs, one of which is the Wuling GSEV.

Not only that, the Wuling GSEV is also priced quite affordable so it is suitable for those of you who want to switch to using this friendly car equipped with advanced features and is suitable for the environmentally friendly generation.

Fakta Mobil Listrik Sebelum Anda Membeli

Electric Car Facts: Know Before You Buy

It is undeniable that electric cars are currently increasingly in demand by the public. This can be seen from the increasing number of sales of electric car units in the market. However, before you are interested in buying it, first know the interesting facts about electric cars as follows:

Mobil Listrik Membutuhkan Waktu Mengisi Ulang Daya

Electric Cars Take Time To Recharge

Before buying an electric car, you also need to know that recharging an electric car battery takes a long time. For EV cars on average it takes 8 hours to fully charge the battery pack. You need to consider this, especially if you have high mobility because it can interfere with your activities.

Mobil Listrik Dapat Menghemat Pengeluaran Jangka Panjang

Electric Cars Can Save Long-Term Expenditures

The price of car fuel is now getting more expensive right? Well, the use of electric cars can be one way to save on fuel oil expenditure. You don't need to buy fuel because electric cars charge energy using a charging system. The problem of electric car maintenance is not as big as a conventional car that must carry out periodic checks.

Mobil Listrik Tidak Akan Konslet Saat Hujan

Electric Cars Won't Short Circuit When It Rains

If you're worried about a short circuit when driving an electric car in the rain, that's not really going to happen. Although water is indeed a medium for conducting electricity, electric cars launched on the market have passed various stages of extreme testing related to passenger safety. So you don't have to worry!

Currently, there are many choices of the best electric cars offered with various advanced features, as well as the Wuling GSEV car. Electric cars can be an alternative to reduce the effects of motor vehicle pollution. With the electric power used, this car does not produce emissions so it is more environmentally friendly. Even so, before you decide to buy an electric car, you should first know the advantages and disadvantages so you can choose the type of car that really suits your needs.

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