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What Is a Car Fuel Pump? Know the Functions and Types

18 March, 2022

Image What Is a Car Fuel Pump? Know the Functions and Types

In the car there is a component called the fuel pump, which is known for its essential function in the injection system and/or carburetor, which constantly helps the car’s fuel circulation.

The following article will explain the fuel pump in more detail, starting from its function, type, characteristics of the problem, to how to care for this particular car component.

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Car Fuel Pump Function

In general, the function of the fuel pump in cars and motorcycles is only one, namely pumping fuel from the tank. The fuel in the tank will be pumped to flow into the combustion chamber. Afterwards, the fuel is converted into energy that plays a role in starting the vehicle engine. However, its functions can be multiplied when faced with the type of vehicle.

In the automotive world, based on the type of car, the function of the fuel pump is divided into two. In an injection system vehicle, the fuel pump functions to pump fuel from the tank to the injector. While on the carburetor system vehicle, it pumps the fuel in the tank to the carburetor instead.

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Fuel Pump Types

The fuel pump is divided into 2 types. The following is a more detailed explanation of the types based on how their components work.

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Mechanical Fuel Pump

The first type of fuel pump is a mechanical fuel pump. The driving force for the mechanical fuel pump on a diesel engine is the engine speed connected to the belt. In other car engines, the movement of this component is the camshaft mechanism which is located on the cylinder head.

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Electric Fuel Pump

The second type of fuel pump is an electric fuel pump. There is also this type of fuel pump that uses an electric motor whose driving force is electricity that goes to the driving motor. This type of component is further divided into 2 subtypes, namely the model that uses a platinum diaphragm and the ordinary model commonly found in injection system cars.

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Signs of Problematic Fuel Pump

As you know, car components can be damaged and make the car unable to function normally. In order for optimal performance, all damaged components, including the fuel pump, need to be repaired or replaced. To identify this, it is necessary to know the characteristics of a problematic fuel pump. The following are symptoms or signs when the fuel pump is problematic or damaged.

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Car is Hard to Start

Problems or damage to the fuel pump can be identified in cars that are difficult to start. When the ignition key is turned on, you should hear a hum from the fuel tank. When heard, for sure, the car will be able to start easily. If the buzzing sound is weak and/or does not emit a buzzing sound, then it is certain that the fuel pump has a problem and the car is difficult to start, it may even turn off.

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Flashing Injection Indicator Light

When the injection indicator light flashes, even lights up continuously, then this can be a sign that the fuel pump has a problem. When diagnosing problems with the fuel pump, you need to check this section. There is also this light located on the dashboard on the side of the steering wheel.

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How to Take Care of the Fuel Pump

Maintenance on vehicle components is definitely necessary, including the fuel pump. Fuel pump maintenance includes cleaning the tank regularly at least once a year. You also need to perform periodic cleaning of the pump every 6 months, as well as the injector nozzle and filter every 15,000 km.

You can clean it yourself as it is quite easy. For a guide, read the article on how to clean this fuel filter. However, if you can’t do it, you can take the car to a repair shop for service. Read other fuel-related articles such as how to choose car fuel, only on the Wuling blog.

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