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Correct Ways To Reverse Park for Beginners

27 February, 2021

Image Correct Ways To Reverse Park for Beginners

Having a car is a dream for many people because a car can help or support them when carrying out their daily activities. When you learn to drive a car, you must also learn to park the car properly, including understanding how to reverse park.

Parking a car is something that is not easy to do because it requires full concentration and must be done with the right technique. Parking a car is difficult because your vision will be very limited. To learn how to reverse park properly, of course several ways can be followed.

To help you here is the correct reverse parking method

1. Master the Parking Area

Kuasai Area Parkir

When you park a car, you must know the parking area and you must know the details of the parking area. To make it easier for you to park, you can see or look back using the rearview mirror.

Make sure your right hand is on the steering wheel in the 12 needle position and slowly release your left hand. Look to the left and check the parking conditions, so you know where to go back. Also make sure to look at the front, especially when turning the car while going back and this will prevent the front of the car from crashing or grazing surrounding objects.

2. Don’t Tense Up

Jangan Tegang

When you park the car, make sure to be calm. Don’t tense up. If you park the car in a tense position, it will endanger the safety of the car. With a calm attitude, you can park the car properly and accordingly, so that the car can be parked properly.

3. Understand Turning Directions

Pahami Arah Belok

Understanding car turning directions is very important to do, so that you can park and drive properly. If you want to reverse the car to the right, then you can turn the steering wheel to the right. Accordingly, if you want to turn the car to the left, you have to direct the steering wheel to the left. Before turning the car, make sure the area around the front of the car is completely safe.

4. Use Brakes and Drives Backward Slowly

Gunakan Rem dan Mundur Perlahan

In parking the car, you have to control the gas and control the brakes to reduce the speed of the car. Your feet must work flexibly between the clutch, brake, and accelerator.

If you have found the right parking space and you have to direct the car to the side area so you don’t block other vehicles. You should also align the rear door hinges with the parking line.

You have to run back the car slowly while turning the steering wheel so that the car will move away from the parking space. You must also ensure that the rear bumper is aligned with the front of the previously parked car.

Now, just shift the transmission to reverse, and please turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction while slowly retreating. Make sure to check your rearview mirror to see the rear of the car, so that the front and rear are aligned.

Make sure to straighten or reverse the steering, when your shoulders are parallel to the front bumper of the car, which is on the left and right. After successfully straightening the steering wheel, then you have to slowly back away and when you reverse the car, you have to be careful.

If the parking is complete, make sure the car is in a straight position. With proper parking, the car will be safe. Remember that you also have to park the car in a flat area, so the car is safe.

Doing reverse parking requires special skills, make sure you have learned the methods we have provided above before practicing it. The more you learn and try, you will be able to master the correct reverse parking method. Good luck!

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