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Interior Modification: 2 Golden Rules

6 April, 2018

Image Interior Modification: 2 Golden Rules

We have been sharing some good information to Wuling Families about modifications and the guidelines several times. Many consider that modification is a hobby that is quite expensive. Although there is a thought that for favorite items should not be modified, many are doing the opposite to avoid the boredom of his favorite car display.

There are those who are happy to make modifications on the exterior of the car to look more eccentric; replacing the wheel with diameter larger than the one from the manufacturer, using sticker cover on the hood area or even most part of the car body, or replacing the car’s exhaust pipe with a more bass and roaring sound. But,the kind of modification that rarely makes us turn our heads is the modification on the interior of the car.

Not just Wuling Families, but also many automotive enthusiasts who feel the need to experiment with the interior of the car with the aim of improving the sense of comfort and also the freshness of the visual. Some interior sides that can be made modifications such as seats, carpets, curtains, panel head units, etc. However, although this car is personal and with a high level of confidence, we think you should still be careful before modifying the interior by understanding these two important factors:


The Golden Rule is keeping the colour combinations up to two. When you drive or become a passenger in the car only you and the rest of the car are constantly looking at the contents and around the car. Especially when driving, the view should focus on the road, so the colour combination in the interior of the car should not distract your view and concentration

In addition to the distraction,simpler colours with a maximum combination of two will add aesthetic value to the interior of your car, thus giving you a happy feeling while driving.

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Colour combination in the interior Wuling which are a blend of light brown, dark brown, and black is actually a mixture of colours that is quite calm. However, if you want to experiment with other colours try a combination of red-black, light blue-gray, or light-blue-cream.

It would be cool addition if you are interested in installing a dim light to add a trendy and futuristic atmosphere. But, for you, Cortez users certainly are now able to enjoy this feature without having to pay more to your go-to modification garage.


Another important factor to think about and consider is the material you will use as a substitute for the given items. For seats, there are several types of materials that are generally used; leather (genuine cow and synthetic leather), fabric, and polyester. However, if you are still too reluctant to change what you already have on your Confero or Cortez, what can try is to use seat cover instead. Leather material so far is the most suitable for the climate in Indonesia because it does not store heat, so it is comfortable even when you drive in hot climate.

suitable for the climate in Indonesia because it does not store heat, so it is comfortable even when you drive in hot climate.

Lastly, always make sure you have carefully calculated the budget you should prepare to pursue this modification hobby to prevent overspending. Send our regards to your family at home and stay Drive for a Better Life!

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