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Take Care of Car Interior By Following These Simple Tips

11 June, 2019

Image Take Care of Car Interior By Following These Simple Tips

Maybe you’ve seen a charming vehicle from the outside, but when you enter it, the interior is not as good as it looks. No matter how good the features on the vehicle, if not accompanied by regular maintenance, the condition will decrease and may lead to damage, including the interior. It is proper for our car’s interior to maintain its cleanliness just like maintaining the cleanliness of the house itself. For those of you who don’t know what to do and pay attention to in car interior maintenance, try to look at the following:

Note the Cleanliness of The Vehicle Dashboard

The first tip in car interior maintenance is to take care of the dashboard. The car’s dashboard is the part that is most often noticed when passengers enter the car. The need to take care of the car dashboard is because the board has been subjected to sunlight because of its position in front. To keep it clean, you can use a brush or duster that can get rid of dust. Clean up to the AC corners and holes around the dashboard so that there is no dust attached. You can also use a special cleaning fluid after cleaning the dashboard to keep the dashboard from sun exposure and make the dashboard not easy to dry and peel.

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Clean the Carpet Regularly

As you know, carpet vehicles are interior parts that are quite often dirty due to being the base for the driver and passenger feet. If left unchecked, a dirty carpet containing dust can interfere with interior cleanliness when the vehicle air conditioner is on. Not only that, dirty carpets can also cause unpleasant odors. To clean the carpet, you can use laundry soap and dry it. When you clean the carpet, make sure the carpet you wash is dry so it is not moist.

Clean the Vehicle Seat

Vehicle seats also cannot be missed from maintenance. To take care of vehicle seats is not difficult. You can clean it with a dry cloth, used a toothbrush, and vacuum cleaner. Make sure you clean the upholstery parts that are rather difficult to reach like the corners so that the seat is clean without any small dirt.

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Provide Car Fragrances To Make Driving More Comfortable

This is often forgotten, even though, a fragrant interior makes passengers and you feel at home and feel comfortable while on the trip. Provide car air freshener in the vehicle. Make sure you also replace fragrances regularly when fragrances run out so that the interior of your car remains fragrant and fresh.

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