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Learn How to Drive and Take Care of a Car in the Month of Ramadan

7 May, 2020

Image Learn How to Drive and Take Care of a Car in the Month of Ramadan

This year’s Ramadan feels different from previous years. The existence of Large-Scale Social Restrictions or PSBB makes a number of activities outside the home reduced. However, plenty of people still have to continue their normal activities, including driving, while the PSBB still remains to be imposed in this Ramadan.

For those of you who still need to leave the house for driving, please stay alert. Driving during the month of Ramadan is a challenge in itself as you have to fight fatigue due to lack of energy intake and drowsiness.

How to Drive Safely During Ramadan

Food consumption is highly influential on someone who is fasting. You need to eat nutritious foods that are rich in fiber. Don’t forget to drink enough water as well.

In the midst of changing weather and withstanding shirts, oftentimes you become more emotionally sensitive and this can make your body get tired even more quickly. Try your best to be patient and not to be selfish on the road. Remember that you are not the only one driving on the road, other drivers are there and everyone needs to obey the traffic rules. Keep your positive thoughts and try to contain your negative emotion.

Caring and Maintaining Your Car During Ramadan

Besides attempting to drive safely, you also need to pay attention to the condition of your car. Caring and maintaining the car is necessary to ensure optimal driving conditions and extend its age. Make sure to follow some tips below.

  1. Check all liquids in the car. Make sure the radiator and wiper water, as well as, battery fluid is filled properly
  2. Check tire pressure regularly. If it’s lacking, add it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and don’t overdo it, as it can break on the road otherwise. Broken tires can make a car stiff and put your life in danger
  3. Have your air conditioner serviced periodically to ensure the cabin condition stays cool. Therefore, the driver and passengers don’t get tired and thirsty easily due to heat while fasting on the road
  4. Look for a shady car park to avoid the interior and exterior of the car from damage due to direct sunlight exposure
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