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The Development of Electric Cars in Indonesia

24 October, 2021

Image The Development of Electric Cars in Indonesia

In general, the development of the automotive world is very rapid and has led to various cars with various new specifications. One of the car variants that is developing and gaining popularity in Indonesia is an environmentally friendly electric car variant.

Indonesia is a country that has a very large population, so it has very broad market potential. The Indonesian market is often referred to as the emerging market due to the continued increase in its development.

Indonesia’s car market is mostly filled with ‘normal’ cars that use fuel oil. The presence of electric cars is a new breakthrough that can redevelop the car market in Indonesia.

The Development of Indonesian Electric Cars

Perkembangan Mobil Listrik Indonesia

The development of Indonesian electric cars is indeed not too fast due to the lack of battery charging infrastructure and public interest. This is very influential in terms of the price of electric cars which are still very expensive.

The main advantage of electric cars is that they are environmentally friendly. The use of electric cars will reduce the danger of air pollution and the use of fuel.

Electric cars only rely on energy stored in a battery and this makes the vehicle mileage very dependent on the available battery capacity. The greater the capacity, the further the distance it can run on.

In general, an ordinary vehicle can cover a distance of 100-250 km in one refueling, while an electric car can cover a distance of up to 300-500 km in a single full charge of the battery.

Charging an electric car battery usually takes about 3 to 6 hours until the battery is fully charged. However, with better developments in Indonesia, it is possible to charge car batteries in a shorter time.

Opportunities of Electric Cars in Indonesia

Potensi Mobil Listrik di Indonesia

Indonesia has the potential to develop electric cars because it is a very large nickel producer. If Indonesia manages to process nickel properly into battery products, then we have a very good chance of becoming the richest country.

The desire to become an electric car-producing country is not unreasonable because so far there has also been a battery industry for electronic products developed in Indonesia.

Indonesia can look for new investors to develop the manufacture of electric car batteries or it can attract additional investment to further develop electric cars.

The advantages in terms of battery raw materials can indeed make it easier for Indonesia to attract foreign investment to develop Electric Cars Made in Indonesia. In general, the battery is a very important component in an electric car and the average weight of the battery reaches 25% of the weight of the car.

Now many car manufacturers have changed the use of technology to electric cars. With the presence of various electric cars lately, the competition for Indonesian Electric Cars in 2021 will be very tight. People have a complete choice to have quality and environmentally friendly cars.

Indonesian Electric Cars According to Government Instructions

Mobil Listrik Indonesia Sesuai Instruksi Pemerintah

President Joko Widodo said that the government was very optimistic about the acceleration program for electric motorized vehicles based on the use of batteries. The president was optimistic that this program could run according to the specified time.

This confirms that in two or three years, electric cars can be produced directly in Indonesia and will appear massively, ranging from the more affordable to the more sophisticated technology types.

To realize this government program, the development of nickel products continues to be closely monitored. In the future, state-owned enterprises and investors will be encouraged to establish a nickel product processing industry in Indonesia.

Indonesia will stop exporting raw materials abroad and will force interested parties to set up processing plants in Indonesia. In that way, the development of electric cars in Indonesia will be very fast.

The types of electric cars that have emerged in Indonesia are very diverse, such as the types of SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks. With the increasing competition and the development of electric cars, more environmentally friendly cars will be used.

Indonesian electric cars must be supported by all levels of society as they have many advantages compared to ordinary cars. These cars are environmentally friendly and therefore will help to sustain the Indonesian environment better.

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