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The Ease of Mudik with Wuling

8 June, 2018

Image The Ease of Mudik with Wuling

It’s that time of the year again when you are counting the days to meet your family and relatives back in your hometown. This tradition traces back to the lives of the nomads finding luck in Jakarta back in the ‘70’s. That time Jakarta was the one destination for people in the other islands to make work and new life since Jakarta—and Java island were the only area in Indonesia which the government focused on developing at the time.

The word mudik itself was originally a portmanteau of Javanese words ‘Mulih’ and ‘dilik’ which means going back home for moment. But, since the literal destination at that time was village or ‘udik’ in Indonesian, hence it became ‘mulihudik’, which literally means ‘going back home to the village’. But, thanks to the serious development efforts made by the government, most of these places are no more villages—some are even as developed and gridlocked with traffic just like Jakarta.

Knowing that the big purpose of this holiday is to visit your family and relatives who are still residing in your hometown, so you are thinking and planning on what to bring and what to prepare to make this journey a treasure. So, here goes a few ideas to help you tick the little boxes:


When that time for mudik comes, we bet tickets for all means of transportation will be sold out, except if you have ordered them at least two months earlier. But, when that actually happens what do you do? You drive your own car. If you own a Wuling, that’s even better, because we have set up mudik posts at some vital spots on some of the busiest mudik tracks.

Our team of technicians will be ready to help you checking your car’s condition so that you will stay safe until you reach your destination. And when you do drive your own car, you need to check the tire pressure, the condition of the oil, do your regular maintenance at our service centers to make sure everything is checked and in fine condition.

If you own a Cortez that is even better! Because with the safety features such as the AVH and HHC your feet will be relaxed throughout the journey. Get more complete information on the features here.

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There’s not much to bring from the big cities to your little hometown, but instead, there are many memorable stuffs and unique snack and cuisine to bring to the city and to be shared with your friends and officemates. Bika, rolled sponge cake, and durian pancakes are some of the trend from Medan.

If you are a native Jogjan then bringing home bakpia and canned gudeg is a good idea.While dried fruit chips are Malang’s finest, Surabaya has so many options, but definitely, the trademarked ground chilli by Bu Rudy and the traditional belinjo cookies are some delicacies you can bring home.

As for bottled drinks, Medan’s passion fruit and tamarillo juice, Cirebon’s Tjampolay, and Makassar’s DHT syrup are some of the unique sweets you can bring home as well. Now you’ve got gifts for your friends and relative in town, what to actually bring to your fellow hometown residents?

Lebaran is that time of year where the moslems return to their fitrah/clean slate and this is represented with new, bright, cleansheet of clothes to wear during the celebration. So, you can go with clothes and dresses for the nephews and nieces, even the aunts and uncles so that they can wear the new clothes to celebrate lebaranand for you to share some of the blessings you have received from above.

Prayer Equipment

It is very possible that you may get stuck in a long traffic during your journey to your hometown, hence you always need to be prepared with your prayer equipment so you can still do your prayer along the trip. Rest area along the toll road usually provide a comfortable mosque or mushalla, but if you can’t find one, you can still stop by the roadside and use your own prayer rug with your sarong or prayer veil to do the prayer there. Your journey is even more complete knowing you are still able to complete your praying rituals.

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Some people still don’t think it is an important value to their whole driving trip. But, considering car accidents are more prone with this many vehicles on the road, please equip yourself with the most reliable insurance package. Read on here to understand more about Wuling Insurance or you may contact our dealer representative for a thorough Wuling insurance plan breakdown.

Happy mudik and drive for a better life!

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