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Tips for Choosing a Car for Your Business

19 October, 2021

Image Tips for Choosing a Car for Your Business

If you run a business, having an appropriate car is essential, whether it is only for operation or even for trips. In order to avoid choosing the ‘wrong’ car for your business, we will share some tips on what you need to pay attention to when deciding which car to choose.

Choose According To Your Type of Business

Sesuaikan Mobil dengan Jenis Usaha

The first thing to do when choosing a car for business is to understand what will be suitable for the type of business you run.

For example, if you run a delivery service business, then you would want to opt for a car that is fuel-efficient, spacious, and equipped with easy-to-find and affordable spare parts.

Formo S is a very reliable car fleet for a delivery service business. The cabin is spacious and the trunk door is large and can be opened all the way up into the main body, making it easy to load and unload large items. There are already quite a lot of businessmen who use this car as a fleet unit for their business.

Stylish and Comfortable Exterior Design

Desain Eksterior Stylish dan Nyaman

The exterior part is also something you would need to take into account because the outer part will represent the business you have. For instance, a simple but stylish car can be used to sell goods or rented for traveling.

Formo S has a similar exterior with Cofero, the only difference is its designation. Formo S has a simple and stylish design, dominated with white color, and has a length of 4,493mm, a width of 1,691mm, and a height of 1,715mm. It is definitely suitable to help you run a business with confidence.

Comfortable and Spacious Cabin

Interior Nyaman dan Lapang

If you are considering a car sales business, you definitely need a comfortable cabin to store your merchandise. On the other hand, if you run a car travel rental business, you also need a comfortable cabin to carry a lot of passengers, especially if the design is stylish hence they can feel at home.

Formo S cabin has a highly spacious cabin, it can accommodate up to 8 passengers and is equipped with comfortable seats. This cabin feels even more spacious because the seats at the back can be folded to get more space, so you can transport more goods for your daily business.

Formo S also provides comfort in travel because it has quiet and minimal vibration, so passengers can interact comfortably. In addition, it can also minimize the risk of damage to luggage or business equipment.

Engine Performance and Quality

Performa dan Kualitas Mesin

Not only the exterior and interior, but the next thing you should consider is also the quality of the car engine. Don’t let the car you buy turn out to have poor performance and end up becoming a financial burden.

Formo S is supported by a 4 Cyl in-Line DOHC engine which makes the engine cooler and therefore driving is smoother with no noise. It is also supported by I-VVT technology for fuel efficiency. With this engine configuration, the Formo S can generate power up to 77.5 PS at 5,600 RPM with a torque of 110 Nm at 3,600 – 4,000 RPM.

Maintenance Costs

Tips Membeli Mobil untuk Usaha Jangan Sampai Salah Pilih 7 1000x569

When choosing a business car, you must also consider the maintenance cost. Because your business car has to run every day and if it comes to expensive maintenance costs, it will be quite a burden on your financial expenses.

Wuling has a network of workshops that are spread quite widely everywhere, so you can find Formo S spare parts and perform maintenance quite easily at an affordable cost.

Considering Modification

Pertimbangkan Faktor Modifikasi

It is not uncommon for businessmen to make modifications to their fleet units so that they can adapt to the type of business being carried out. Formo S has a type of car that is easy and suitable for highlighting your business brand identity on the backside. If you run a food truck and want to make modifications to the car, you can do so easily without having to sacrifice many parts of the car itself.

Modifications like this can be made so that your customers can visually remember your business. The positive impact, by creating the right brand identity and unique modifications, people can become loyal customers of your business.


Tips Membeli Mobil untuk Usaha Jangan Sampai Salah Pilih 1 1000x569

The last factor to consider is price. You must aim for a low price because a car for your daily business fleet should not burden the company’s finances. Especially for those who are just starting a business, of course, it requires plenty of costs and you definitely do not want to get into a lot of debt.

With prices starting from IDR 140 million, Formo S is very suitable and affordable for young families or users who are just starting a business with minimal capital. This attractive modern style but affordable price is proof of Wuling’s contribution in supporting business owners in Indonesia.

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