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Why Rio Motret Recommended Almaz RS for Daily Work Trip

22 July, 2021

Image Why Rio Motret Recommended Almaz RS for Daily Work Trip

Almaz RS is not only high-tech, but can also be the best friend to accompany your busy day. Dynamic interior design coupled with high technology equipped in Almaz RS have been proven to facilitate its users in daily driving.

On this occasion, Rio Motret, a well-known professional photographer who has worked closely with top artists in Indonesia, had the opportunity to try Almaz RS directly by driving to his workplace.

Rio’s Impression with IoV Technology

Kesan Rio dengan Teknologi IoV

At the first time using the Almaz RS, Rio was very impressed with the ease of use of the car, thanks to the IoV (Internet of Vehicles) which is a form of evolution of driving technology. Rio can start the car engine only by using the My Wuling+ application. Especially in hot weather like in Jakarta, windows and air conditioners can be operated remotely only with My Wuling+.

Wuling is a manufacturer that prioritizes the use of AI or Artificial Intelligence technology. This technology allows drivers to connect with vehicles through My Wuling+ application.

WIND Features

02 Fitur WIND yang Menarik Perhatiannya 1000x569

The next feature that caught Rio’s attention was WIND (Wuling Indonesian Command), where users can use the Indonesian voice feature to activate or deactivate features in the Almaz RS.

Rio also did not forget to demonstrate when he opened and turned on the music using only voice commands. Not only these two, but Rio can also perform voice commands for all the features on the Almaz RS, simply by verbalizing his requests.

3 Important Features That Make Rio Comfortable

3 Fitur Penting yang Bikin Rio Nyaman

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) feature in the Almaz RS is very helpful so that drivers can stay safe while traveling. This technology is what Rio feels most comfortable when driving the Almaz RS.

According to Rio, there are 3 important ADAS features that are very helpful when driving, namely Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Jam Assistance and Lane Keeping Assistance.

To make it easier for users while driving, Almaz RS can be set to a certain number by activating the Adaptive Cruise Control feature and the car can run semi-autonomously without stepping on the gas pedal following the marking line with the help of Lane Keeping Assistance.

In addition, with Traffic Jam Assistance, the car can also adjust its speed according to any changes in speeds or brakes made by the car in front. This last feature is very helpful when we are in a traffic jam. Therefore, thanks to these three important features, Rio’s journey to his workplace becomes not only pleasant but also easy.

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