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Integration of Value No Other Could Do

26 April, 2018

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Automotive is one of the nation’s economy driving force. The existence of many car manufacturers building and expanding their business in Indonesia bring so much opportunity in improving Indonesia’s affluence; more diversification in working fields, more opportunities in the absorption of Indonesia’s plentiful human resource, and of course adding more contribution to the country’s GDP. Hence, the importance of the government’s support in incubating and maintaining the growth of this business.

The Indonesia International Motor Show held from April 19—29, 2018 at JIExpoKemayoran, Jakarta showcases the range of automotive products available in the Indonesian market and also act as a testimony on how the growth of automotive industry is sustained.

Wuling Motor’s existence in the game is no exception. Attaching value to each of our products makes us believe that we could provide what the market needs. When first launched, people may have thought about how affordable our cars could be—and they guessed it right. However, our blueprint of work does not necessarily take out important values in order to keep up with the price. We believe the two could go along just fine.

Many have expressed satisfaction of driving their Confero and Cortez series. Comments on the admiration over the spacious cabin, luxurious features such as the MID screen, sunroof, nice finishing touch, as well as the complete range of safety features with affordable price are what we call as the integration of value. And we intend to keep it coming with our future cars. While we’re at it, the IIMS 2018 seemed like the perfect timing to introduce our consumer with our extensive range of products.

The New Series of Cortez

Having launched in the early 2018, through this event we introduced a new series of Cortez 1.5 to emphasize the real value we’d like to offer to the people of Indonesia. Still bearing the tagline New Choice of MPV, we want Cortez to be the real new choice and not end up being only jargon. The need for everyday inner-city commuting is now even easier with a new choice of engine displacement. You may read the complete description of the features here.<

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Not only did we come up with our latest product at IIMS 2018, we also built an interactive booth where people can enjoy virtual reality experience of our product (read through the link here) and also kids corner for our consumers who stop by along with their children.

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The enthusiasm was even higher due to the appearance of some highly valued automotive professionals; we invited @motomobitv to our booth so that our consumers may enjoy some intimate moment with them talking about how Wuling Motors is the right choice for their families. People who were still wondering on the quality of Confero and Cortez were invited to take on the test drive session and set proof for themselves.

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The Competition with Audience

We have also selected some winners from our lucky dip and social media competition; China trip, smartphones, laptop, and shopping vouchers were some of the prizes we gave away. Additionally, we also provided our consumers with the super bonus that only applied during IIMS such as limited offer for low DP and free maintenance service.

The value we offer as a car manufacturer does not lie solely on the product itself—we highly regard our consumers that we think it’s appropriate to entertain them from time to time, because we want them not just as consumers, but also as part of our brand growth and journey.

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Lastly, we’d like to thank the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo to have come and inaugurated the opening ceremony of IIMS 2018, the IIMS event management, our suppliers, dealer partners, and most importantly our loyal-like-no-other consumers and community for making this event a blast. See you in our next milestones and keep driving for a better life!

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