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4 Ways To Reduce Tire Wire

23 October, 2019

Image 4 Ways To Reduce Tire Wire

You might not realize that tires are the most critical components of your car. In that case, you need to take extra care of your tires. If not handled properly, they might cause unwanted accidents.

In addition to that, maintaining your tires in a decent condition could help you reduce your expenses. Taking care of the tires are quite easy, and you can even do it yourself. What are, then, the things you can do to maintain your car’s tires to ensure your safety on the road? Smart Wuling Family, please do read these tips below.

Check your tires regularly

Check your tires regularly

First of all, you need to check the condition of your tires, such as pressure and shape. It is recommended to check the tires at least once a month. However, if the car is often used to travel long distances, checks have to be done more routinely, for example, twice a month.

Tire pressure has to be on point, not less and not too much. Usually, manufacturers have different tire pressure standards for each car. In that case, car owners are advised to follow these recommendations.

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The lack of tire pressure will cause its rubber to sag and protrude at the bottom. If the pressure is lacking, tires also risk damage more quickly, especially on the wall. If your tire wears out faster than it should, it could be due to your tires are often left in less pressure.

Excessive tire pressure, on the other hand, might create the same situation. If the tire is filled with more pressure than it should, it would be stiffer, and contact with the road would be reduced. Tire pressure would then accumulate in the middle, thus leading to the car being difficult to control, especially during braking.

Inspect the tire surface conditions

Inspect the tire surface conditions

Secondly, you can also check the tire surface condition. If the surface is uneven and seems to be bald, you could also risk an accident since it would be difficult for you to control it.

Third, you have to ensure that you carry a spare tire in the car. The condition of the spare tire also has to be just as good as an installed tire. Having carried a spare tire, but unable to use it when needed due to its poor condition is not something you want to happen. A poor spare tire could add to the risk of danger instead.

Change the tire

Change the tire

Fourth, it is recommended to know how to change your tire by yourself. It would be helpful when undesirable things, such as your tires suddenly become deflated on the road.

Next, you may want to change your four tires simultaneously. This is important to ensure that the four tires have the same condition and age. Driving a car with different tire conditions could affect the safety of driving, such as losing steering control and having a weak grip. When changing all four tires at the same time, try to use the same brand to get the same quality.

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The age of the tires

The age of the tires

Check your tires’ age. It is recommended to change a tire that has already been more than 6 years old since the condition might be less optimal. It can be very dangerous.

If you feel it’s difficult to inspect the tires by yourself, you can have them checked by an expert at a car repair shop. You don’t have to bother doing it yourself, but your safety on the road is still ensured. Good luck and drive safe!

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