Captain Seat: Definition, Functions and Maintenance

18 July, 2022

Image Captain Seat: Definition, Functions and Maintenance

For those of you who often use luxury MPV cars, you must be familiar with Captain Seat. This type of seat or car interior is commonly used in luxury cars because it has features that can provide more comfort to its users.

One of the important factors in choosing a vehicle is comfort. Therefore, many car manufacturers are currently competing to bring comfort features in vehicles, one of which is presenting a Captain Seat in the car interior. In addition to adding comfort when driving, the presence of a car seat with full features also adds to the impression of luxury on the vehicle.

For more details about understanding, the advantages, and how to install it, let's look at the following review!

Pengertian Jok Captain Seat

What is Captain Seat

Captain Seat is a seat made for only one person. This type of seat is usually installed on the second row of seats, separating the right and left passengers. That means there are only two seats in the second or the middle row of the vehicle.

This feature is one of the accessories you can find on MPV-type cars. Not only separating the second-row car passengers on the right and left but the seats commonly used in luxury cars are also equipped with an armrest to leg rest features that make passengers more comfortable.

Some premium class MPV cars also add a feature that allows the Captain Seat to move forward and backward until it lies down optimally. Several types of cars add features like an electric motor to operate it.

You need to know that the Captain Seat seat is different from the Pilot Seat even though it has a separate seat model. Pilot Seats are usually more individual and personal, from design to features.

The armrest feature can be folded on the Captain Seat, while the Pilot Seat is permanent. Not only that, Pilot Seats usually offer more complete and sophisticated features such as temperature heating, lumbar support, massage features to car entertainment facilities in hand on each seat. However, this Pilot Seat can only be installed for a large MPV.

Fungsi Captain Seat

Captain Seat Function

Captain Seat is one of the accessories commonly used in MPV-type cars. In addition to adding to the impression of luxury on the vehicle, the presence of this feature also has many functions. One of them is to increase comfort, especially for passengers in the second row.

The use of this type of car seat also facilitates access to reach the third row. This is because the installation is separate, so there is a wide enough gap between the right and left seats, facilitating access to the third-row seats. That way, you no longer need to fold the car seat like a regular one to get to the third-row seat.

The arm rest and leg rest features on the Captain Seat also provide better comfort, especially for the elderly. That way, comfort while driving will be maintained.

Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Captain Seat

The advantages and Ddisadvantages of Captain Seat

Currently, there are many types of MPV cars equipped with Captain Seats. Not only that, many other types of cars also make modifications by adding this type of seat to support comfort.

The presence of this seat feature in the vehicle does offer many advantages. However, there are also disadvantages to using this separate car seat. Here are the advantages and disadvantages you need to know:


There are several advantages of Captain Seat, namely:

Ruang Kabin Baris Kedua Menjadi Lebih Luas

1. The Second Row Cabin Space Becomes More Spacious

One of the advantages of using this type of seat is that it can widen the cabin space in the second row. This is because the Captain Seat only consists of 2 seats on the right and left, and the installation is separate.

Memberikan Kenyamanan Lebih

2. Provide More Comfort

Another advantage of using the Captain Seat is that it can provide better comfort for passengers, especially the elderly and children. Captain Seat has armrest and leg rest features that make passengers more comfortable even when traveling long distances.

Membuat Tampilan Mobil Lebih Mewah

3. Make the Car Look More Luxurious

The Captain Seat's use also makes the car's interior design look luxurious. Passengers who sit in this seat will also look more exclusive and classy so it is not surprising that this type of seat is widely installed on premium cars.


Although it offers many advantages, this premium design seat also has disadvantages. Cars equipped with this seat make the vehicle capacity can be reduced. If a conventional seat in the second row can fit three people, then its use can only accommodate two passengers.

Cara Perawatan Jok Captain Seat

How to Maintain Captain Seat Upholstery

For it to last longer and function optimally, it needs proper care. The first way to care for a seat like this is to always keep it clean. If the upholstery is dirty or wet, immediately wipe it with a dry and soft cloth so that the liquid does not damage the upholstery material.

In addition to cleaning the large area, you also need to take care of the components on the Captain Seat so that the function of the features remains optimal. One way is to adjust the seat position when the vehicle stops. This is to keep the gear components and electric motors more durable.

For this seat feature to function properly, it's a good idea to use it more often. The reason is that if the armrest and leg rest features are never used, they will easily rust and make their function not optimal.

Tips Memasang Captain Seat pada Jok Mobil

Tips for Installing Captain Seats on Car Seats

Currently, it is not only found in premium MPV cars. Many car users usually make modifications by installing this premium class seat. If you want to install a Captain Seat on a car seat, make sure it fits the needs and capacity of the cabin space.

If the cabin space is too narrow to use this seat feature, it's better not to force it because it will make the function of the Captain Seat not optimal. You also need to know that installing this seat cost a lot. Therefore, you must consider carefully before installing this type of car seat so that the benefits can suit your needs.

Many cars have been installed with the Captain Seat, including the New Cortez. If you sit in the Captain Seat, this smart car is equipped with the Multipurpose Seat Tray feature attached to the back of the front row seat, so it can provide comfort when you have to work with a laptop or eat in the cabin.

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