Car Carburetors: Components, Functions, and How They Work

10 July, 2023
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Image Car Carburetors: Components, Functions, and How They Work

The car will perform well if maintained regularly. Routine service is a very important thing to do because it will cause many problems when left without service. Cars that are not regularly serviced will experience problems such as breaking down in the middle of the road, car brakes that have sounded, and a damaged carburetor.

The carburetor in a car is a very important component and the car owner's job is to always check the condition of the carburetor regularly. In a carburetor, of course, several components work, and each component has a different role.

Carburetor Components and Their Functions

1. Float Chamber

Float Chamber

Float Chamber or combustion chamber is one of the important carburetor components. When a car is fully fueled, the float will automatically rise and will close the fuel valve. Float work will follow the high and low fuel conditions of a car.

When there is too much gasoline and it causes flooding, the performance of the float will not function properly. As the name implies, the combustion chamber functions as a room for combustion, and it is positioned at the cylinder head. The combustion chamber will be a place of combustion that mixes fuel with compressed air from a piston in the cylinder.

2. Floater


A floater is also another important component in a car, despite it being small in shape. To maintain the stability of its performance, the condition of the floater must be checked regularly.

Floaters will indeed work in high or low fuel conditions. It will not work when there is too much fuel or flooding. With the presence of a floater, the fuel condition will remain stable.

3. Choke Valve

Choke Valve

The car must be made as comfortable as possible so that you and your family can carry out daily activities smoothly. The car must be kept stable and repaired immediately if there are any problems occurring. Routine maintenance is very important to do and must be done for internal and external components.

Choke Valve is a carburetor component that can provide comfort in a car. The main function of the choke valve is to add to the mixture in a car's fuel so that the vehicle will be easy to start and use for various daily activities.

4. Throttle valve

Thorttle Valve

The throttle valve becomes a carburetor component which is also often referred to as a piston valve. The throttle valve has a function as a regulator of how high or low the level of air mixture entering the car’s combustion chamber. The throttle valve component will usually work alongside each other with the skep needle or the main jet.

When the throttle valve is open, the main jet will open too. The throttle valve and the main jet are also sometimes considered as one single unit. The throttle valve is one of the components that needs maintenance to ensure the stable condition of your car’s performance.

5. Main Jet

Main Jet

The main Jet or a skep needle is a car component that functions to regulate how much fuel in a vehicle will be mixed or combined with clean air. The main jet has a conical shape and gets tapered downwards, allowing it to lift when the gas is pulled.

If the mixture of fuel and air gets bigger, the car will have faster performance. Although the main jet has a small form, its role is still important. To keep the performance of the main jet stable, you must carry out routine maintenance of the car and this can be done by bringing the car to the car repair shop once a month.

6. Jet Needle

Jet Needle

Another important part of the carburetor is the jet needle. The jet needle component may not be known a lot by a novice, however, it’s still important to check its condition.  Through regular checks, the car's performance will work well.

7. Slow Jet

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Slow jet is a carburetor component useful for supplying clean fuel and air when the car is in an idle position. If your car is in an idle position, all you need to do is set the slow jet in the carburetor and reset the needle, so that it’s performance can return to normal.

8. Piston Valve Screw and Pilot Screw

Piston Valve Screw dan Pilot Screw

Piston valve screw and pilot screw in a carburetor have no less important function to support your car’s performance. The piston valve screw and the pilot screw are indeed similar in shape to the slow jet but differ in terms of function or usability.

9. Main Nozzle

Main Nozzle

The main nozzle is also a less familiar carburetor component but has a very important role still. This component will work as the main transmitter of a vehicle's fuel. The height of the main nozzle is also almost the same as the surface of the fuel which is positioned in the floating basin. The main nozzle is usually found on a carburetor that has a venturi type.

10. Venturi


The venturi is a narrow section that is positioned in the carburetor tube and it functions to increase the speed of the airflow. With the presence of venturi, the car speed will be fast and different from other types of cars.

Your car will run faster and can beat various types of other cars. Cars that have venturi can also be used for uphill road conditions because they can support the strength or speed of the car well.

Carburetor Function

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In general, a car carburetor is useful for adjusting the amount of fuel and air mixture that enters the engine cylinder. Air bleeder is one of the parts in a carburetor that is used as a place for mixing fuel with air so that it can produce a smooth mist.

The carburetor has a system that works in it, all work side by side to allow the mix of fuel and air according to the needs of the engine, thereby making the car fuel more efficient.

How The Carburetor Works

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Carburetors in cars and motorbikes have almost the same function, but there are several different systems in them. A car carburetor uses the Bernoulli work system or working principle and this system regulates the flow of fluid velocity. In general, the performance of a car carburetor is fairly simple.

When the car engine is turned on, the piston will move back and forth. When the car is in reverse motion, the carburetor movement will suck the air in the front of the carburetor system and this will automatically suck the fuel and air. The lighter will also ignite and will cause combustion to appear in the engine room so that the piston is pushed.

If the gas is pressed higher, the piston performance will be further boosted. With a very important function, caring for the carburetor is very necessary. The price of car carburetors is not cheap, so maintenance must be carried out regularly.

Carburetor Care Steps

1. Clean Filter

Bersihkan Filter

For the first step, you can start by cleaning the air filter by removing this part that is attached to the carburetor hole. If it has been successfully removed, then you can clean it using a burst of air compressor. You can buy affordable air compressor equipment at authorized car repair shops.

When the air filter on the carburetor is made of foam, then you can wash it thoroughly and make sure the air filter is dry before installing it back. By taking care of the air filter, the carburetor can work stably for a long time.

2. Remove The Carburetor Component

Lepaskan Komponen Karburator

You can start by opening the carburetor and please remove the bolts attached to all parts of the carburetor. To prevent leaks, it is recommended that you use the correct or appropriate keys to remove the various components of the carburetor. Prepare a container filled with liquid gasoline to remove the carburetor components.

The components that must be removed include the buoy needle, pilot jet, buoy, main jet, carburetor bowl, and other components. Make sure you are careful when removing small parts or rubber protectors. If all the components come off, make sure to keep them in the same container, so that it will be easier for you to put them back together.

3. Clean All Parts of the Carburetor

Bersihkan Seluruh Bagian Karburator

If all the carburetor components are removed and you can immediately clean all parts of the carburetor using a soft brush. Spray the air in the holes with high air strength. You can also use fine sandpaper to clean any dirt stuck to the pilot jet.

In the pilot jet section, the sandpapering process must be carried out slowly and carefully, because the sanding process can cause changes in the size of the sandpaper. If the sandpaper on the pilot jet is too hard, its shape may shrink.

4. Raft Back

Rakit Kembali

When the cleaning process is complete and all the components are dry, then you have to assemble the various carburetor components to their original shape. Please restart the car engine and set the car to idle by adjusting the wind main jet by turning it clockwise.

Next, turn it back according to the standards listed in the car engine. By carrying out 4 carburetor maintenance processes, the car's condition will remain stable and the car can be used in its best condition.

Wuling Family, we all know how handy it is to have our daily activities supported by car. Be it going to work, taking children to school, or carrying other necessities, all becomes almost hassle-free. To keep this convenience, remember to always take care of your carburetor so that it is always in optimal condition!

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