Car Door Rubber: Maintenance and Replacement

7 July, 2021

Image Car Door Rubber: Maintenance and Replacement

To cover the gap in the car door tightly, a rubber seal is installed surrounding the edge of the car door. This rubber is useful to prevent rain, mud or dust from seeping into the cabin.

If the condition of the rubber deteriorates, of course the conditions in the cabin will not be good as warm air from outside can enter.  Even rainwater seepage also has a potential to enter the car cabin. This is an important reason to take care of rubber seals, so that the car can be safer in various situations and conditions.

Signs of car door rubber that is no longer suitable for use

Tanda-Tanda Karet Pintu Mobil yang Sudah Tidak Layak Pakai

Door rubber has a very important role to support the comfort of the car, but has its own service life. The rubber door acts to reduce the impact of the car door when it is opened and closed. In addition, when it rains, the car door rubber will prevent rainwater from entering the cabin.

So that the door rubber can still work properly, it must be checked regularly. There are several ways that can be done to find out if the rubber does not work properly and needs to be replaced.

1. The Shape Changed

Bentuknya Berubah

When you find your car's rubber has changed its shape, you must replace the car's rubber immediately. Especially if the rubber is flat, you must quickly replace it with new rubber.

2. Reduced Soundproof

Kedap Suara Berkurang

If you hear the sound of metal clashing when you close the car door, then it is a sign that the rubber is no longer suitable for use. The soundproofing in the car will decrease and this makes the car owner must immediately replace the rubber of his car.

3. Damaged Rubber

Karet Rusak

If the car rubber is left in a damaged condition, the cabin will no longer be comfortable to use. The damage can cause  rainwater to enter the cabin, so a musty smell can occur in the car.

4. Whistling is heard due to the sound of the wind

Terdengar Siulan Akibat Suara Angin

The next sign that the rubber of the car is damaged is the whistling sound caused by the sound of the wind entering the car. The sound will be more audible when the car is driven at a very high speed.

How To Maintain Car Door Rubber

Cara Perawatan Karet Pintu Mobil

Maintaining car door rubber is very easy and not as difficult as caring for other components. With regular maintenance, the car door rubber will last longer. Here are some ways to properly care for car door rubber:

1. Park Under Shade

Tempat Parkir yang Teduh

Make sure you choose a shady car park so that the rubber of the car is protected from sun exposure and not get dried quickly. The car will also not get rained on when parked under the shade.

If the rubber of the car is often exposed to rain or is too dry, then the rubber will not last long. If you visit a crowded place, make sure to choose a vehicle park that is safe and shady.

2. Don't Direct Contact With Car Rubber

Jangan Kontak Langsung Dengan Karet Mobil

When you get out of the car or put things in the car, of course it will cause direct contact with the rubber parts. Make sure not to make direct contact, so that the rubber does not tear easily and threaten the comfort of the car.

3. Clean the Sticky Dirt

Bersihkan Kotoran yang Menempel

If a lot of dirt sticks to the rubber of the car, it will usually make the door rubber not last long. Make sure to always wash the car regularly and flush the rubber between the car well.

Use clean water to remove various dirt stuck to the car door and use silicone fluid to keep the door rubber moist. Do not let the door rubber dry and damage easily.

Wuling family, this is a complete overview of the signs of car door rubber no longer working properly. By knowing the signs, you can take anticipatory action and immediately take it to the nearest repair shop when it’s time. Don't forget to always take care of your car door rubber!

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