Car Lights Indicator 101

30 December, 2020
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Image Car Lights Indicator 101

Generally, you can easily recognize and understand any changes in the situation or state when it comes to a car. If something unusual arises, especially those related to the condition of the vehicle, it will be seen through the notification on the indicator light. Each manufacturer has provided various parameters that are directly related to the sensors of each device in the car.

However, you should know that not all notifications that appear on the indicator lights indicate something bad to the car. Regardless, you still have to be vigilant. This notification is located differently from one manufacturer to another, which is generally located on the speedometer dashboard behind the wheel so that the driver can see it easily.

The following is an explanation of the meaning of the indicator light notification symbol commonly found in all types of cars. Note that you can also find this symbol in the car’s manual.

Understanding Indicator Lights

Pengertian Lampu Indikator

The main function of the indicator light is as a signal that indicates a problem with some parts of the car. If there is a light on, you are strongly advised to get your car checked at a nearby repair shop.

A series of sensors are installed on the electronic system of a car. This sensor is called an indicator light and will notify you of anything unusual about the car.

There are two types of indicator light colors you should be aware of:

  1. Red, indicates a serious problem and must be anticipated quickly, such as a problem with the braking system, low oil pressure, or overheating.
  2. Orange, indicating something unusual about the car. In this condition, you can still drive the car, but it must be checked at the nearest repair shop.

Indicator Light Keeps Turning On

Lampu Indikator Menyala Terus

On the dashboard of the car, there are quite a several indicator lights, and until now there are still quite a few people who aren’t very knowledgeable about the difference between each lamp.  It's a good idea to pay attention to this indicator light as it is an important sign that can save you and make your driving more comfortable.

A car indicator light that stays on is the main sign that there is something wrong with the car or a signal that you need to check certain components. You can check the explanation below to get more in-depth information about indicator lights.

Types of Car Indicator Lights

Check Machine

Lampu Indikator Cek Mesin

This notification is a sign that the car has a problem with the engine car component. If you find this light continues, it is highly recommended that you immediately take the car to the nearest repair shop to check using the On-Board Diagnostic tool to locate the source of the problem.

Radiator Temperature

Lampu Indikator Suhu Radiator

In the latest cars, there are two types of indicator lights to warn you about the temperature of the radiator. A blue light indicates that the engine temperature is not hot enough for driving and, in contrast, a red light indicates that the temperature on the radiator is too high.

Oil Pressure

Lampu Indikator Tekanan Oli

This indicator light indicates that the car engine oil pressure has decreased. If you find these lights turn on, you should stop the car in a safe place and let your car cool down. Add oil to restore oil pressure so that it can be used again. However, if it has been added and is still turning on, you should immediately take the car to the repair shop because it indicates an indication of a problem in another section.



The symbols on this indicator light usually differ depending on the manufacturer. But in general, the symbol is a plier and a car key or a plier with a machine. This indicator light is to remind you of the car's periodic maintenance schedule. No need to worry about serious problems with your car engine.


Lampu Indikator Aki

This indicator light is related to the electricity needs in the car. In general, this battery indicator light will turn on when the machine turns on and will turn off when the car is running. However, if you find that the battery light stays on when the car is running, know that it is a sign of a problem with the battery car, it could be that the battery's electric power has decreased or the alternator's ability to generate electricity has decreased.

When the light is on, you can check the water level of the battery. If the level decreases, you can add it and recharge the battery if needed. However, if the light is still on, it is a sign that there is a problem with the alternator and must be immediately taken to the repair shop.

Power Steering

Lampu Indikator Power Steering

The current steering system is either hydraulic or electric, but if you find this indicator light turns on, it means that there is something wrong with your power steering system. There are several causes and you should check it at the nearest repair shop.

Unreadable Key

Lampu Indikator Kunci Tidak Terbaca

This indicator light is usually on a car that uses an immobilizer system. This light will turn on if the car key used is not the car key that it should be because the system cannot read it. If you experience this problem, you should not move the car until your car keys are found and this indicator light turns off.

Tire Pressure

Lampu Indikator Tekanan Angin Ban

Cars that are equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) will provide a signal when your tire pressure decreases. You can also find this sensor on Wuling Almaz, Cortez, and Confero cars. This system also notifies the current condition of the wind pressure on each of your tires.

Diesel Particulate Filter

Lampu Indikator Diesel Particulate Filter

This indicator light is only available in cars with European emission standard diesel engines. This sensor will provide a pile of pollutants filtered out by the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), if this light is on then you have entered the DPF device replacement period.

Lane Departure Warning

Lampu Indikator Lane Departure Warning

This indicator light is usually found on cars with complete features such as a stereo camera for reading road markings. So when the car is recognized as crossing the road markings without giving a warning and is in an unfavorable situation, this indicator light will turn on. It's best to immediately fix the speed of your car and get back to the lane it should be.

Out of Fuel

Lampu Indikator Bahan Bakar Habis

This indicator light is usually located by the gasoline indicator. If this light is on, it indicates that your car's fuel is running low and you must refill immediately at the nearest gas station.

Active Airbag

Lampu Indikator Airbag Aktif

As the symbol indicates, this indicator light corresponds to a safety airbag. If it turns on, it indicates the car's airbag is active. On top of that, if it turns on while the airbag doesn't expand, it means that there is a problem with the sensor. We recommend that you immediately visit the nearest repair shop to get it checked.

Opened Door

Lampu Indikator Pintu Terbuka

You have to make sure this indicator light does not turn on when you are driving. This indicator light indicates that there is a door that has not been closed tightly, so it is quite dangerous for passengers when the car is running.

Traction Control

Lampu Indikator Kontrol Traksi

This indicator light is closely related to wheel traction control. This sensor is only found in some car models. When this indicator light is on, it indicates excessive traction on the wheels. Check immediately at the nearest repair shop so that your trip remains comfortable.


Lampu Indikator ABS

This indicator light is closely related to the Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS) found in your car. If you find these lights come on while driving, then there is something unusual in your braking system. You should immediately take the car to a repair shop to avoid things that are not desirable.

Handbrake On

Lampu Indikator Rem Tangan Aktif

This indicator light indicates that your handbrake is active and grips the wheels properly. However, if you have lowered the handbrake and this light is active while the car is running, you should immediately check it because it can scorch the front brake lining of your car.

Transmission Malfunctions

Lampu Indikator Malfungsi Transmisi

This indicator light is only available on cars with automatic transmissions. When this light is on it indicates a malfunction in your automatic gearbox. There are several causes for this, however, to pinpoint the exact problem you need to have it checked in a nearby repair shop.

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