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Car Wipers: Components, Functions and How They Work

26 February, 2021

Image Car Wipers: Components, Functions and How They Work

Car glass that is exposed to dirt or rainwater will usually be cleaned using a wiper. Usually, the wiper is attached to the front and rear sides. With the wiper, the driver’s view will not be hindered and so they can see clearly towards the front or rear.

Wipers do have a very important role in the safety of the riders because wiper performance is closely related to the safety of driving. If it rains a lot and the car doesn’t use wipers, the windshield will be dewy. Visible dew on the glass will block the view of the driver.

When the driver’s view is hindered, the risk of an accident is very high. This makes the wipers a very important car enhancement and must be present on all types of vehicles.

Car Wiper Components

Car wipers do consist of various components such as the wiper blade, link, switch, motor, and arm.

Wiper Motor

Motor Wiper

The wiper motor is one part of the wiper system that is useful for moving the wiper automatically. The commonly used wiper motor utilizes a magnet with a reduction gear. There are at least 2 types of wiper motors that can cause magnetic fields, namely the ferrite magnet type which uses permanent magnet ferrite, and the wound rotor type which uses a coil to produce an electromagnet.

The wiper motor that is often used recently is the ferrite magnet type because this type of wiper has a relatively small size and has lightweight, so it is very suitable to be attached to any type of car.

Wiper Link

Wiper Link

The wiper link is often referred to as the wiper lever which is useful for changing the rotation motion of the wiper motor into a movement that goes back and forth from the left and right. The front of the car usually uses a wiper system that uses two blades at once and the mechanism used to move the two blades using a parallel tandem system.

When the wiper starts to turn on, the wiper motor will rotate the crank arm and this will make the connecting rods pull and push each other. The wiper link will make the wiper arm work in a semicircle around the pivot shaft. The linking rod or connecting rod which is usually attached to the two wiper arms will make the two blades work simultaneously and work in parallel.

Wiper Arm

Wiper Arm

The wiper arm usually consists of a head that is used to tie the wiper arm to the wiper shaft. The springs will be useful for holding the blade. While the arm piece will be useful for the process of installing the blade and retainer to hold it completely.

Wiper Blade

Wiper Blade

The wiper blade usually consists of a rubber which is useful for cleaning the surface of the car glass. There is a combination of leaf spring packing with levers and clips to attach the blade to the wiper arm.

What Does It Do for Cars?

Apa Fungsinya untuk Mobil?

The wiper serves to clean the windshield of the car at the front and rear, although not all cars have wipers on the rear side. WIper works by removing oil, dust, rainwater, and dirt that get stuck to the windshield.

If there are no wipers, of course, the rainwater that wets the glass will condense and the condition of the glass will become unclear. Not only that, dirt that sticks to the windshield for a long time, of course, is very difficult to remove. If left untreated, of course, will hinder the driver’s view and create a high risk of driving accident.

Not only about the wiper, but there is also a washer that helps the performance of the wiper. The washer will spray or remove cleaning fluid on the windshield so that various dirt on the windshield is easier to remove. Washers can be attached to the front of the car or the rear.

Not all dirt stuck to the car can be removed with a wiper, so the windshield needs to be sprayed with a special cleaning fluid done automatically by the washer. With various significant functions, of course, the washer is needed in a car.

The washer also greatly eases the work of car owners, because they do not need to clean the windshield manually. The washer also greatly helps the performance of the wiper. Wiping the result will also be even cleaner.  The washer is usually made of a special liquid that is widely sold in various auto repair shops. Not only cleaning dirt, but the washer can also prevent dirt from coming back on the windshield.

How Wipers Work

Cara Kerja Wiper

When the wiper switch is in the off position, the wiper will not function. When the wiper switch is in low-speed mode, the wiper will work at low speed. Accordingly, when the wiper switch is in high-speed mode, the wiper will work at a fairly high speed.

Now that you hopefully understand how the car wiper works, along with its components and detail functions, you should take care of it as well as possible and be diligent in cleaning it!

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