How to Use and Care for a Spare Tire

18 August, 2022

Image How to Use and Care for a Spare Tire

To anticipate a problem on the way, it is very important to provide a spare tire in the vehicle. This is useful if the vehicle tires have problems such as flat or leaking on road conditions far from the workshop. You can continue your journey by bringing a spare tire, even if you are far from the workshop.

Spare tires are spare tires that are usually smaller, thinner and lighter than regular tires. This spare tire is only used for emergency and urgent conditions and is not recommended for continuous use because it can affect vehicle performance.

Then how to use and care for the spare tire so that the quality is maintained even though it is rarely used? Check the following reviews!

Cara Menggunakan Ban Serep dalam Kondisi Darurat

How to Use a Spare Tire in an Emergency

A spare tire is prepared for emergency conditions. This spare tire is usually placed at the back of the vehicle, which is covered with a cover to protect the quality of the tire. If you want to use it, you must open the spare tire cover before using it.

Although it looks easy, how to use a spare tire should not be arbitrary. For that, you need to know the following tips and how to use a spare tire safely.

Kenali Ban Serep Sesuai Jenis Kendaraan

1. Understand the Spare tire According to the Type of Ccars

Each type of vehicle usually has a different type of spare tire, depending on the type. You need to know that this spare tire should only be used in an emergency, not for daily use. This is because the spare tire has a different tread and wear from the factory default tire.

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2. Avoid Driving Too Fast

When using a spare tire, you should not drive the car too fast as when using a regular tire. It's good when driving a car with a spare tire to avoid driving at speeds above 80 km/hour.

Batasi Jarak Tempuh

3. Limit Mileage

Each type of vehicle usually has a durability specification for the distance that can be covered by using a spare tire. We recommend that you not use the spare tire beyond the durability specifications specified in the manual. If forced can trigger damage to the vehicle such as pressure appearing on the differential and l, gears to the clutch which is damaged.

Ban Serep Berpengaruh terhadap Kendali Mobil

4. Spare Tires Affect Car Control

Before using a spare tire, you also need to know that the use of a spare tire can affect the control of the car. The biggest influence is when braking and cornering.

Cek Kondisi Ban Serep Secara Berkala

5. Check the Condition of the Spare Tire Periodically

Although rarely used, vehicle owners need to check the spare tire's condition regularly, especially if you want to travel far. You must check the tire pressure is always in good condition, including the physical condition of the spare tire, to make sure it is always ready for use in an emergency.

Tips Merawat Ban Serep Agar Selalu Prima

Tips for Caring for Spare Tires to Always be Excellent

The function of the spare tire is as a backup that will be used when a regular tire has problems. Therefore, the condition of the spare tire must always be maintained optimally so that it can be used immediately at any time it is needed.

To maintain the quality of the spare car tires are always in top condition, and car owners need to carry out regular maintenance. Here are some tips on properly caring for your spare tire so it is always in top condition.

Cek Tekanan Angin Secara Berkala

1. Check Wind Pressure Periodically

One way to care for a car's spare tire is to check the air pressure regularly. This is to ensure the spare tire air pressure is always in the right condition so that it can be used immediately whenever it is needed.

You need to know that even if you don't use the pressure in the spare tire, it can decrease because the air comes out through the pores on the rubber surface of the tire. Therefore, you need to check the condition of the wind pressure at least once a month to ensure its condition.

Perhatikan Usia Ban Serep Mobil

2. Pay Attention to the Age of the Car Spare Tire

Just like regular tires, spare tires also have a service life. In general, car spare tires usually have a maximum limit of up to 4 years starting from the beginning of the production period. Even though it is rarely used, if you have passed this period, it is better to replace the car spare tire with a new one for safety while driving.

Bersihkan Ban Serep Secara Rutin

3. Clean the Spare Tire Regularly

A dirty spare tire can make its quality decrease. Therefore, even though it is rarely used, clean the spare tire regularly using a dry cloth to avoid rust and dirt that can damage the surface of the tire and tire rim.

Although it functions as a spare tire, you need to know that the size of a spare car tire is usually smaller than a regular tire. Also, spare tires are usually thinner and lighter than regular tires. Therefore, this spare tire is not recommended for daily use because it greatly affects the car’s performance.

Maybe there are still many people who think that the existence of a spare tire on a vehicle is trivial. But in fact, this spare tire is very necessary, especially for emergency conditions. Therefore, provide a spare tire in the vehicle and take good care of it so it can be used anytime when needed.

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