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Driving Habits That Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

24 February, 2021

Image Driving Habits That Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

A car battery has known as the life of a car. Without a battery, the car cannot start and run. Therefore, it is important to know how to take care of your car’s battery so that it remains in top condition and lasts longer. Generally, a car battery lasts between 2-5 years, but there are some things you can do to extend its life.

Tighten The Battery In Its Place

A battery that has not installed properly in its place can make it shaken up, thus potentially damaging the inside of the car and causing a short circuit. You should continuously ensure that the battery has installed in the right position and check it regularly, especially before and after crossing a bumpy road.

Turn Off All Lights When Getting Out of The Car

Leaving the car lights on can easily cause the battery to run out quickly. It’s important to make sure all the lights are off before getting out of a car. As a reminder, you can put a small note on the dashboard or a sticker on the car key to make sure everything has turned off. That way, you can further extend your car’s battery life.

Check The Battery Condition Regularly

Some car repair shops provide regular battery checks, for instance, once every three months. This is useful to ensure that the battery condition is still excellent, hence you can avoid having it suddenly die while driving. Knowing the battery condition regularly can also extend its life.

Do Not Turn On The Electronics When The Car Is Off

This can be one thing that often gets ignored by drivers. Some people still turn on the radio, AC, or charge their phone when the car’s engine is off. This habit can actually cause the battery to be weak because although the engine is off, the battery still continues to work. If you don’t quit this habit, be prepared that you have to replace your car’s battery before it turns 2-year-olds!

Pay More Attention To The Condition of The Car

A car consists of many parts that are connected. You have to carry out routine maintenance so that each part works smoothly according to its role. You can imagine that if one part has broken, then the car cannot work properly. Routine maintenance can thereby extend the life of the car’s battery. For you, the Wuling car owners, don’t forget to always conduct regular maintenance and check the condition of your car’s battery at the nearest Wuling dealer shops, check at Wuling dealer.

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