Get To Know Car Tie Rod Functions

23 August, 2021

Image Get To Know Car Tie Rod Functions

As a car owner, you should know what a tie rod is and the function it has in the car. This component is important because it greatly affects the stability during driving. To find out more, here is a full review of what a tie rod is, its functions and how it works.

It is important for car drivers to understand the function of car tie rods, because they are what makes the car run stable.

What is a car tie rod?

Pengertian Tie Rod

Tie rod is a device that connects the steering gearbox and steering knuckle which is directly connected to the car's steering system. The outer and inner ends of the tie rod surround the adjusting sleeve. When you turn the steering wheel, the tie rod will activate the movement of the steering mechanism.

The essential aspects of a tie rod include:

  • A circular area filled with plenty of cushioning that gives you the ability to drive even when you operate the car on bumpy road conditions.
  • The axle body transmits motion to the ball stud as you drive.
  • Most tie rods also come with grease-coated fittings so the bearings can rotate easily.
  • The tie rod is also equipped with bushings to protect the internal device from debris and sand.
  • The inside of the tie rod is connected to the bearing casing, which is all encased in rubber dust.
  • The tie rod is connected to the steering gearbox by means of a threaded bolt.

What are the functions of a car tie rod?

Apa Fungsi Tie Rod pada Mobil?

The main function of the tie rod is to keep the car always in a stable condition while driving and work continuously with the tires and car legs to maintain driving comfort and safety. Tie rods also keep the car running stable and easy to control.

There are three other important functions of the following car tie rods:

Connecting the steering motion to the front wheels

Menghubungkan gerak kemudi ke roda depan

The tie rod is the main component that drives the steering on the front wheels. This means that when you turn the steering wheel, the front wheels will turn automatically following the direction of the steering wheel.

However, the mechanical movement will go through the gearbox first before it will be converted as a pulling or pushing motion on the side of the wheel. That way, the front wheels can make turning movements according to the movement of the steering wheel.

Adjusting the Front wheelbase

Pengatur jarak roda depan

The next function is to adjust the front wheelbase of the car. The tie rod system itself is divided into two, namely Toe-out and Toe-in.

The wheel can run stable thanks to the difference between this Toe-out and Toe-in. In addition, the toe also has an important function to minimize uneven tire wear conditions.

You can adjust this toe difference by making adjustments to the long tie rod and tie rod end, by setting the size of the distance contained in the two components.

Dampening vibration

Meredam getaran

Tie rods also have another important function to dampen vibrations during your ride. But unlike the suspension, tie rods dampen vibrations from the wheels so that the rider doesn't feel the vibrations while driving.

Wheels that move while driving will produce vibrations. In this condition, the long tie rod will cut off the up and down movement and the tie rod end will cut off the left and right movement when driving, so you won't feel any vibration when you're holding the wheel.

How does it work?

Bagaimana Cara Kerjanya?

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the tie rod works by continuing the movement of the steering gearbox towards the steering knuckle on the car wheel. That way, when you move the steering wheel, the rotation on the steering rod will be transmitted to the wheels.

When you turn the steering wheel, the steering column also rotates. This movement will be forwarded to the steering gear box which will be converted into a push or pull motion.

Finally, the tie rod will continue this push and pull motion to the front wheels of the car, so the wheels can change direction according to the movement of the steering wheel.

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