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How to Wash Your Car Like A Pro

13 April, 2020

Image How to Wash Your Car Like A Pro

As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world, drivers have advised practicing thorough car cleaning diligently, both the exterior and interior parts. Cleaning cars can have done by a routine wash.

At times like this, it is quite a hassle to bring your car too often to a steam car wash, since you do not want to risk being outside, let alone not knowing the health status of those working in the car wash. Hence, to decrease the risk of virus transmission, you are strongly encouraged to wash your car at home.

Indeed, you do not want your favorite car to be a source of disease for you and your family. Here are some tips you can follow on how to wash your car like a pro.

Prepare All Washing Equipment

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To avoid going back and forth with your slippery hands and full of car shampoo foam, you should prepare all the necessary equipment beforehand, such as a water hose, buckets, and a sponge.

Try to prepare three buckets. One bucket is filled with a mixture of car shampoo and, and the other one with clean water, so all the dirt can be spotless. Imagine if you only used one bucket, then the dirt might stick back since you used the same liquid all over again. The other bucket is then used specifically for cleaning tires. Since they have direct contact with the road surface, tires and rims are usually dirtier. By utilizing this special bucket, you can avoid moving dirt on the tires to the car body. Also, remember to prepare a dry cloth and car polish as well.

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Start Washing

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After all the equipment is ready, continue with washing your car. You can use a sponge to clean the entire surface of the car with the shampoo mixture. Make sure to use a shampoo formulated for cleaning cars that won’t damage the car painting and other exterior parts.

Rinse and Dry Immediately

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After applying the entire surface of the car with shampoo, rinse it immediately. This way, the shampoo will not leave any imprint on the surface of the car. You do not want your new car paint to have white shampoo marks, do you? Therefore, wipe the car using a clean cloth.

Clean The Tires

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After the entire car body already washed and wiped clean, you can start washing the tires. Clean the tires lastly since they are at the bottom and will not pollute the car body. If possible, prepare a toothbrush when washing tires. This can help to reach between the parts that are difficult to reach.

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Polish The Car

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To keep your car clean and shiny, you can use waxing liquid. This helps to make the paint looking shinier than usual. Moreover, the use of liquid wax can keep the car paint from the sticking of corrosive impurities, like bird poop Use this liquid to polish the tires as well, so they are even cleaner.

Clean The Interior Part

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The car’s interior is the part that is most often touched by hands. That being said, you should routinely clean it. You can use a loth and a safe interior cleaning fluid. Avoid the use of hand sanitizers since it contains alcohol and can risk damaging the inside of the car.

Cleaning the car is very important. Do not let your favorite car, such as Wuling Almaz which has a premium and modern look, not kept clean. Maintaining hygiene of this premium and modern class car can provide comfort for the driver and passengers on every trip.

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