The Function of Car Engine Oil Filter & When To Change It? 

12 November, 2021

Image The Function of Car Engine Oil Filter & When To Change It? 

Many car owners may still not follow the advice of technicians to change the oil filter regularly, even though its role is very important. When you find the oil filter is not in good condition, it must be repaired immediately.

In general, oil has a role to lubricate all parts of the car engine. In order for vehicle maintenance to be carried out optimally, you need to know the various functions of the oil filter and when to replace it.

Oil Filter Function

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1. Filter The Impurities

Menyaring Kotoran

The main function of an oil filter is to filter out various impurities because continuously used engine oil is easily contaminated with dirt. The presence of contaminants will reduce the quality of the oil.

For the oil to work well, a filter is therefore needed. The oil filter will keep various contaminants such as carbon, grams of iron and dirt from mixing in the car engine.

2. Car Engine Component Maintenance

Perawatan Komponen Mesin Mobil

The oil filter will also act as a fluid that can treat various components of the car engine. If the oil filter is in a damaged condition, the dirt filtering process will not run properly and as a result all the dirt will enter the engine.

When the engine becomes damaged quickly, then the performance of the motor will be greatly disrupted. Make sure you maintain your car filter so that it doesn't get damaged quickly. In that way, the other car components can remain safe.

3. Optimize Oil Performance

Melancarkan Kinerja Oli

The car engine fluid must be distributed optimally, so that the condition of the car can be properly maintained. If the oil filter has a problem, then the car's performance will be greatly disrupted and not work as intended.

Damaged engine components will wear out quickly due to excessive friction. You don't want incomplete combustion in the car because it will have an impact on the car's engine, which creates a more quick breakdown.

How to Maintain the Oil Filter

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1. Clean Regularly

Bersihkan Secara Rutin

As it functions to filter out various impurities, there will be some dirt sticking to the oil filter. When you service your car, make sure you clean the oil filter with the help of a professional technician.

This way, it will unclog all the dirt and allow the oil filter to perform well. The time window to clean car oil is once a month, so that the performance remains safe.

2. Change Oil Regularly

Ganti Oli Secara Rutin

The type of oil for a car engine varies and depends on the type of vehicle. There are types of oil that are put into the oil sump and some are near the tub cover. The type of oil filter used can be made of metal, paper or fiber.

Car drivers should do regular cleaning of the oil filter and have to change the oil regularly. If the oil is too old, then the lubrication process will not run properly. Oil that is too long will also make the engine wear out easily because the quality of the oil decreases.

3. Change The Oil Filter

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The last important maintenance is to change the oil filter regularly. If you find that the oil filter can no longer be cleaned using clean air, then you need to replace it with a new one.

In general, the oil filter will be damaged quickly due to the wear and tear process. If the car is often used for long trips, the oil filter will be damaged more quickly. Make sure you change the oil filter as soon as possible so it can function properly.

Signs To Change The Oil Filter

Tanda-tanda Filter Oli Harus Ganti

1. Lowering Oil Pressure

Menurunnya Tekanan oli

When you find the oil pressure has decreased, it is an indication of a problem with the car engine. Low oil pressure can be caused by a leaking oil filter or a blockage, causing oil to enter the engine.

2. Engine Overheat

Mesin Overheat

An oil filter that is not in good condition will hinders the oil supply to run properly to the car engine. Less oil entering the engine will create friction that occurs in the car engine and this will make the car engine overheat.

3. Decreased Engine Performance

Menurunnya Performa Mesin

When there is a buildup of contaminants due to a faulty oil filter, the engine performance will be greatly reduced and the engine power of the car will be very bad. Decrease in engine performance will stop the driver from getting to the desired driving speed.

4. Metal Friction Sounds

Adanya Bunyi Gesekan Logam

A clogged oil filter will reduce the oil supply to the engine and will make engine components not work properly. Reduced oil supply will usually cause metal friction and this condition will greatly interfere with your driving comfort.

5. Exhaust Smoke Looks Dirty

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When you find exhaust fumes that look dirty, then it's a sign that your car's oil filter is in bad condition. The smell of burning oil is also a sign that there is a problem with the oil filter.

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