Car Radiator: What’s The function, How It Works, and How To Maintain

7 January, 2022

Image Car Radiator: What’s The function, How It Works, and How To Maintain

Cars are vehicles that we use for daily activities, making it to require well maintenance so that it can function optimally. Many car parts must be cared for by car owners so that the condition of the car can remain good. One of the parts that you must take care of is the car radiator.

Regarding car radiators, this article will discuss its function, how it works, along with how to maintain car engine components so that you can take good care of them.

Below is a further explanation of car radiators so that you can be more familiar with this car component.

What Is a Car Radiator?

Apa Itu Radiator Mobil?

The place where combustion occurs in the cars so that these four-wheeled vehicles can have power is known as a car engine. Combustion carried out in this car engine can cause continual rise in the temperature for as long as the engine is used. If you drive for a long period of time, your car’s engine temperature will become very high.

It is important, therefore, for your car to have a cooling system so that the temperature inside the engine can be controlled and overheating can be avoided. Radiator is a tool that can be used to transfer the heat of a car engine into the air. In the radiator there is a water called coolant which will run in the channels installed around the engine.

This fluid works by absorbing the heat in the engine and bringing it back to the radiator. The water will be cooled down in the radiator and dissipate the heat from the engine into the air outside.

Radiator Functions

Fungsi Radiator

As we already know, combustion that occurs in a car engine will cause the engine to heat up. This hot temperature will continue to rise as long as the car continues to run. This means, the longer you use the car, the higher the temperature caused by the engine combustion.

This is the reason why cars need a cooling system so that the temperature inside the engine does not overheat. The radiator works by transferring heat in the car engine to the air. The radiator will drain water into the existing channels around the car engine. This water serves to absorb the engine heat and bring it to the radiator. After this water returns to the radiator, water cools down while heat is discharged into the air.

How Radiators Work

Cara Kerja Radiator

The radiator used as a car engine coolant starts its work when neutral temperature water is flowed into the channel around the car engine to absorb heat. In a flowing state, the water channeled by this radiator will absorb and bring back heat to the radiator.

After arriving at the radiator, the hot water will enter the upper tank. In this section, the cooling process occurs. The water will be put into the radiator core which has a function to dissipate heat into the air.

In order for heat dissipation to be faster, the radiator core is assisted by a fan to suck air and create flow between the air fins in the radiator core. After the hot temperature gets discharged and water gets cooled down, then this water will be re-channeled to surround the engine so that it can absorb heat again.

Car Radiator Maintenance

Perawatan Radiator Mobil

Car radiators need to be maintained to function properly. The following are some tips for caring for this car component that Wuling recommends.

Clean the Radiator Tank Regularly

Bersihkan Tangki Radiator secara Reguler

You should frequently clean the radiator tank by draining it regularly at least on a biweekly basis. This must be done so that the components inside the radiator can be protected from corrosion because most of them are made of metal. Cleaning the radiator tank can also help maintain the temperature of the car engine to avoid overheating.

Use Pure Water, Not Tap Water

wuling_image artikel_feb 1 4.2 1000x569

What you can do to keep your car radiator awake is to use pure water, which you can get from a drinking water pump or mineral water. But make sure to never use tap water when you change the radiator water. Tap water is not allowed to be used as part of radiator water because it contains iron which can cause corrosion or rust on metal parts in the radiator tank.

Use Radiator Coolant

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You can take care of the radiator to make it last longer by using radiator coolant. This tool can maintain the temperature of the car engine and also remove dirt and rust in the car tank.

Make Sure The Radiator Is Tightly Closed\

Memastikan Radiator Sudah Tertutup Rapat

You have to make sure that the radiator is tightly closed. That way, you can be sure that there is no leakage when the radiator fluid flows carrying a hot engine temperature.

That's some information about car radiators that are fairly basic. We recommend a car owner to be knowledgeable about that. Be sure to follow the tips we provide for caring for your car radiator so you can have a car radiator that works well and lasts a long time.

If you have some complaints about the car radiator, then you can immediately come to your favorite repair shop. Hopefully this article helps you understand what a car radiator is and also how to care for it.

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