Understanding the Car Powertrain System on the New Cortez

31 August, 2022

Image Understanding the Car Powertrain System on the New Cortez

To make a car move or run, many components and systems work, one of which is the powertrain. This system consists of many components and has a vital function as a car or vehicle propulsion.

Novice may still be unfamiliar with the term powertrain. However, this is an important system in a car that allows the vehicle to move and move. Therefore, it is important for vehicle owners to understand the powertrain system in this car.

To learn more about a powertrain system and its components, look at the following review!

Apa Itu Powertrain?

What is Powertrain?

The powertrain is the driving structure found in a car. This system is located in several places depending on the type of vehicle. There are those on the side of the engine, on the vehicle body, and on the electricity part.

The powertrain system has an important role in a vehicle. This system is useful for transmitting power, especially the driving force released by the engine to a wheel so that the car can move.

The use of this powertrain system can be managed properly by the user. You can adjust the powertrain with power and rotational speed according to your needs. This advantage is useful for vehicle owners arranging the car according to their needs.

The powertrain can be interpreted as a series of engines that can make the car run well. When the car engine is turned on, the operating system will also start immediately.

Komponen dalam Sistem Powertrain

Components in the Powertrain System

The powertrain requires several components to perform its functions, namely:

1. FWD

FWD is a component that has almost the same function as RWD. However, the size is smaller due to the ejection of the shaft contained in the short transaxle. The function of this FWD is to connect the ring gear with the exhaust end of the shaft to make power distribution easier.

2. Clutch

The clutch is one of the components in the car's powertrain that functions as a transfer of wheel speed. The pressure provided by this clutch will make gear shifting easier by clamping between the clutch and the canvas.

3. Transmission

Transmission is a component that functions to change the speed and rotational power. The speed and rotational power contained in the wheel engine will be used to move the vehicle.

Fungsi Powertrain pada Mobil

Powertrain Functions in Cars

As mentioned above, the powertrain is vital as vehicle propulsion. Therefore, every vehicle owner must ensure that all powertrain components are functioning properly.

In general, the powertrain has various functions, including:

1. Being a Transmitter for the Machine

The first function of the powertrain system is to work as a transmitter so that the power generated by the engine can be channelled to the final drive. When the power reaches the final drive, the user will find it easier to control the vehicle.

2. Reducing

The powertrain also serves to reduce. The results of the reduction will affect the engine system's work so that the vehicle can move. Later this revision will also produce rotation which can make the engine generate rotation.

3. Changing the Acceleration Rate

Another function of the powertrain is to change the rate of acceleration. This system allows users to adjust and change the acceleration system in a gear machine. This will make the power generated to be more leverage.

4. Changing Direction

Another function of the powertrain system on a car is to change the direction of rotation. Vehicle owners can adjust the vehicle's direction to become more stable according to their needs.

Mengenal Sistem Powertrain Mobil pada New Cortez 4jpg 1000x569

Powertrain System on New Cortez

New Cortez is one type of car that has the best powertrain system. This car engine uses a turbocharged 4 cylinder, producing a high output power.

More importantly, the New Cortez is also equipped with a maximum power of up to 140/5200 hp/rpm. For the torque itself, this vehicle has a torque of 250/1600-3600 Nm/rpm. With these advantages, it is not surprising that the New Cortez is one of the best family car choices because it has a drive system that makes passengers feel comfortable in the cabin.

When choosing a family car, comfort is one of the important factors that you should pay attention to. Therefore, make sure to choose a vehicle with a smooth powertrain system like the New Cortez so that passengers can feel comfortable during the trip.

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