Vehicle Gas Emissions From Cars

15 March, 2021

Image Vehicle Gas Emissions From Cars

The increasing number of motorized vehicles has a major impact on increasing air pollution. The remaining exhaust gases of motor vehicles that come out through the exhaust play a major role in air pollution. There are many hazardous substances in exhaust gases or vehicle emissions to health, especially emissions from incomplete combustion.

Definition of Emissions

Pengertian Emisi

The definition of emission or exhaust gas is the result of burning fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, or coal which is wasted into the air. Things that play roles here are the composition, type, and size of the boiler from the fuel used.

Emissions play a huge role in today's air pollution and have a huge impact on health and the environment both in the short and long term. However, to determine it, further study is still required to establish precautionary measures regarding air pollution impacts and how far they spread.

Definition of Vehicle Gas Emissions

Pengertian Emisi Gas Kendaraan

To be more specific for motorized vehicles, vehicle gas emissions are the residual combustion in the internal combustion engine. The remainder of this combustion will come out through the exhaust system. This is very dangerous because these emissions contain quite a lot of harmful substances, including:

  1. CO (Carbon Monoxide), this gas has no color and odor. However, this gas is very poisonous if it is inhaled by humans. The most fatal result will result in fainting and death.
  2. CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), this gas has a very dangerous impact because it greatly affects global warming.
  3. NOX (Nitrogen Oxide), this gas can cause respiratory problems and is very painful in the eyes.
  4. HC (Hydrocarbon), this gas comes from incomplete combustion in a car engine, so in this gas, there is still a remnant of unburned gasoline vapor and comes out through the exhaust.

To anticipate the harmful effects of vehicle emissions, a synergy is required between the Trademark Holder Agent (Agen Pemegang Merk or APM) and the government. It is very important to take steps and actions to reduce motor vehicle exhaust emissions.

Steps that have been taken by the government at this time are to improve fuel quality and tighten emission test standards. Meanwhile, the Brand Holder Agent increases the EURO 2 standard so that the cars produced can meet emission test standards.

The steps taken by the two parties will not run well if there is no awareness of the car owner to reduce exhaust emissions. To do this, several things must be done by car owners, including:

  1. Carry out a car emission test within a certain period
  2. Perform car service regularly
  3. Check immediately if the exhaust gas smells weird.
  4. Use the fuel that has been recommended by APM
  5. Take only 2-3 minutes to warm up the car engine

Car Emission Hazards

From the explanation above, we know that emissions are very dangerous for health and the environment because they contain various dangerous substances. Without realizing it, exposure to these dangerous substances enters the bloodstream and respiratory system, so that it can cause long-term damage to the body.

The following are the dangers of car emissions on health:

Carcinogenic in nature

Bersifat Karsinogenik

Although currently, fuel has a much lower level of pollution, it is still dangerous as the number of vehicles increases from year to year. Even in small amounts, exposure to this carcinogenic substance can cause organ damage and trigger cancer.

There are two dangerous chemicals that have carcinogenic properties:

  • Benzene, an aromatic compound in the base fuel mixture. This compound is released together with vehicle exhaust gases and is very easy to enter the body when inhaled or when it comes into contact with the skin. High levels of benzene in the blood will interfere with the formation of red blood cells.
  • Lead, a metal compound that comes from vehicle exhaust gases. Lead is very dangerous because it can settle on the surface of any object. These accumulated deposits can enter the body when there is interaction with the skin. High levels of lead can increase the risk of anemia and result in impaired brain performance.

Triggering Respiratory System Damage

Pemicu Kerusakan Sistem Pernafasan

The first part of the body that can be affected by the harmful effects of these exhaust gas emissions is the respiratory system, the dangerous impacts that lurk are as follows:

The oxygen level in the body will drop, the CO (Carbon Monoxide) content in vehicle exhaust gases is more easily bound by red blood cells compared to O2 (Oxygen), resulting in reduced oxygen levels in the blood. This is very dangerous because it can lead to long-term brain damage and cause shortness of breath.

Respiratory tract damage, vehicle dust particles including lead that come out of exhaust gases can cause long-term respiratory damage such as asthma and lung cancer.

Circulatory System Damage

Rusaknya Sistem Peredaran Darah

High exposure to CO (carbon monoxide) in the blood will increase blood viscosity and levels of inflammatory proteins, as a result, atherosclerosis will develop. This situation will be exacerbated by exposure to sulfates which can lead to damage to blood vessels. What is even more dangerous is that the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) can cause heart attacks and a high risk of death.

Car Emission Test

Uji Emisi Mobil

One of the anticipatory steps that can be taken to overcome the problem of vehicle exhaust emissions is to conduct an emission test. An emission test is an action to measure the exhaust gas of a motorized vehicle to monitor the performance of the car engine.

By conducting an emission test, you will be able to find out how much hazardous substance levels are generated from vehicle exhaust so that health and the environment can be better maintained.

What can be obtained from this emission test is how effective the combustion process in a car engine is by analyzing the levels of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons contained in the exhaust gas. By conducting this emission test, the car owner can even better tune the fuel and air mixture.

The following are important benefits of vehicle emission testing:

  1. To be able to know exactly how effective the combustion process is through analysis of CO2 and HC content
  2. To be able to adjust the fuel and air mixture
  3. To know with certainty the condition of the vehicle car engine
  4. To Ensure fuel effectiveness while maximizing power
  5. To contribute to a much better environment by ensuring cleaner air
  6. To be able to find out the damage to the car engine faster.

For the Wuling family who has not tested the gas emission of your favorite Wuling car, it's good to immediately conduct an emission.

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