Car Carbon Cleaner, Know the Functions and How to Use It

30 August, 2022
6 minutes read

Image Car Carbon Cleaner, Know the Functions and How to Use It

The car's performance decreases because of the dirt accumulated in the combustion chamber. No need to panic and immediately take it to the workshop. In optimal conditions, ensuring the combustion chamber is in good condition is important. You can solve problems like this at home with just a car carbon cleaner. Using this liquid, all the dirt and scale accumulated from the combustion residue will be removed easily.

To maintain the car's performance, it is important to keep it always clean. If the combustion chamber is dirty and crusty, it can decrease the overall performance of the vehicle, so it must be addressed immediately by using this carbon cleaner.

Do you want to know more about what a car carbon cleaner is, its functions and tips for choosing it? See the following explanation.

Apa Itu Carbon Cleaner

What is Carbon Cleaner?

Carbon cleaner is a liquid usually used to clean the crust and dirt accumulated in a vehicle's combustion chamber. The main function of this fluid is to help remove carbon from the pistons, carburettor and throttle body.

There are many types of car carbon cleaners that you can find on the market, ranging from spray types to foam or foam forms. Each type has advantages and different prices for carbon cleaner so that it can be adjusted to the needs of the vehicle. Although the types are different, their function is the same: to help clean the crust in the combustion chamber.

Fungsi Carbon Cleaner

Carbon Cleaner Functions

Carbon cleaner is one of the magic liquids needed in the automotive or mechanical world. This fluid is very useful to help maintain the vehicle engine function optimally.

Carbon cleaner is used as a descaling liquid attached to the vehicle engine. Additionally, this liquid also serves to remove the water content contained in the vehicle's combustion chamber.

Here are some functions of the carbon cleaner liquid that you need to know:

1. Clean the Sticky Crust

The main function of the carbon cleaner is to clean the dirt that sticks to the engine combustion chamber. Often used cars usually have a combustion chamber that will accumulate demo and carbon from combustion. This dirt must be cleaned so that the engine performance remains optimal.

2. Remove the Water Content in the Combustion Chamber

Another function of the carbon cleaner is removing the combustion chamber's water content. This condition usually occurs if the vehicle is used to drive during the rainy season. Water that enters the carburettor can make engine performance not optimal, so it must be cleaned.

3. Improve Vehicle Performance

Another function of the carbon cleaner is that it can make vehicle performance more optimal. A clean combustion chamber makes the engine pull lighter, so the car becomes more powerful when used. Not only that, a clean carburettor also increases fuel efficiency.

Carbon Cleaner Mobil Ketahui Fungsi Sampai Cara Menggunakannya 3 1000x569

Tips for Choosing the Right Carbon Cleaner

There are several choices of this type of liquid that you can find on the market. Even so, make sure to choose the one that suits the needs of the vehicle so that the results are maximized. Here are tips for choosing a good and quality carbon cleaner for vehicles:

1. Avoid Using Acids and Ammonia

When choosing a carbon cleaner, avoid those containing ammonia and acids. If it contains these substances and enters the combustion chamber, it will make the engine rust more easily and affect the performance of the vehicle.

2. Choose a Carbon Cleaner that Doesn’t Heat Up

A good carbon cleaner is one that doesn't heat up when it enters the engine's combustion chamber. Choosing a hot carbon cleaner will damage the piston or cylinder housing. Therefore, before use, it's a good idea to test first to find out whether the carbon cleaner liquid causes heat or not.

3. Choose a Carbon Cleaner According to the Vehicle Engine Type

One more tip for choosing the right carbon cleaner is adjusting it to the car engine type. You need to know that each type of carbon cleaner has different contents and specifications. So make sure to choose the type that matches the type of vehicle engine so that the vehicle's performance is more optimal.Cara Menggunakan Carbon Cleaner

How to Use Carbon Cleaner

Several types of carbon cleaners are available in the market, both in the form of spray and foam. Although the shape is different, the function of the carbon cleaner remains the same: cleaning the dirt in the combustion chamber.

How to use or apply this carbon is quite easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the engine, then let it stand for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Open the air filter chamber on the vehicle.
  3. Open the spark plug installed in the vehicle.
  4. Position all pistons properly aligned.
  5. Spray carbon cleaner into the car's spark plug holes until the liquid reaches the surface.
  6. Let the liquid carbon cleaner sit for 15 minutes to help remove the crust adhering to the combustion chamber.
  7. Suck the liquid carbon cleaner in the combustion chamber using a suction pump until completely dry.
  8. Reinstall the spark plug as before and start the vehicle engine until it feels warm.

Harga Carbon Cleaner

Carbon Cleaner Prices

Before choosing and knowing how to use the right car carbon cleaner, ensure you have chosen the right type. There are many choices of carbon cleaner liquid with various sizes and prices that you can choose according to your needs.

Here are some of the most commonly used carbon cleaner brands and prices:

  • STP 60 ml : IDR 275.000
  • Autofit 500 ml: IDR 75.000
  • WheelZ 250 ml: IDR 160.000
  • Cyclo Max4 7 ml : IDR 180,000
  • SR15 500 ml: IDR 75.000
  • Wurth 250 ml: IDR 85.000
  • Otomax Pro 250 ml: IDR 50.000
  • Rock 300 gr : IDR 40,000
  • Aerochemica 200 ml: IDR 35.000
  • Redline 443 ml: IDR 148.000

Perbedaan Carbon Cleaner vs Injector Cleaner

Difference between Carbon Cleaner vs Injector Cleaner

Many still think that carbon cleaner and injector cleaner are the same. But actually, the two are very different. Here are the differences between the two:

1. Focus Cleaning

Carbon cleaner focuses on cleaning the scale and dirt that sticks to the combustion chamber. While the injector cleaner functions to clean the injectors, especially in the holes or injector holes, so there is no accumulation of reduction.

2. Shape

Carbon cleaner is a liquid which is generally used for light maintenance only. While the injector cleaner can be in the form of liquid or paste that can be adjusted to the vehicle's needs.

3. Treatment Period

Carbon cleaner can be used anytime, especially when the vehicle's combustion chamber is dirty and has water. While the maintenance period for the injector cleaner is usually when the vehicle has reached 4000 to 5000 km.

4. Price

The price of a small carbon cleaner can be purchased at a price of around IDR 30,000. As for the injector cleaner, the price is higher, which is around IDR 50,000 - IDR 150,000

The engine needs to be regularly maintained for the vehicle's performance to always be optimal. Ensure the engine and combustion chamber of the vehicle are always in a clean condition if you want to increase vehicle performance. Therefore, to avoid the accumulation of dirt in the combustion chamber, clean it regularly using the right car carbon cleaner.

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