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How does the MPI Injection System Make the Most of Your Car?

14 May, 2020

Image How does the MPI Injection System Make the Most of Your Car?

Fuel consumption is one factor to be taken into account before purchasing a car. Now, fuel consumption efficiency is affected by its injection system. The Multi-Point Injection (MPI) system is known for its capacity for saving fuel consumption.

The MPI was originally developed only for airplane engines. However, it is now widely used in cars. The MPI system is not a stand-alone mechanical system, but rather, a combination of electronics, mechanics, computer, and electricity that makes it more sophisticated.

The Working Process of The MPI System

Machines with this system have injectors located on the intake manifold and are pointed toward the intake valve. That way, fuel will be injected by the injector into the intake manifold.

The number of injectors in the MPI engine is as much as the number of cylinders in the engine. Hence, if the engine has four cylinders, the number of injectors is also four, so that each inlet in the cylinder is equipped with one injector.

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Since only air can pass through the intake manifold, there will be no liquid fuel found in the plenum. The condition will always be dry considering that only air can enter, thus making the combustion more efficient. This injection system also carries a gas pump that is driven by an electric motor to spray fuel into the intake manifold.

Advantages of The MPI System

  1. The power produced by the engine is greater than that of the carburizing system
  2. Less engine vibration, hence increasing your comfort during driving
  3. The system is responsive when it experiences sudden acceleration or deceleration
  4. Fuel consumption is more efficient, so you can travel a longer distance
  5. The resulting emission is also greater

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Knowing the advantages, can you now imagine how the performance of your MPI car would be like? Wuling Confero S has been equipped with this MPI system. Carrying a machine with a capacity of 1,485cc, Wuling Confero S has an equivalent power of 107 horsepower and a larger maximum torque of 142 Nm.

With the MPI system, Wuling Confero S is very responsive whenever it gets accelerated. Similarly, when there is sudden braking, the machine won’t lag either.

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