Ins and Outs of Car Spare Parts

2 February, 2021
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Image Ins and Outs of Car Spare Parts

When you have a car, of course, you want the car to remain in a good condition. Efforts to maintain car performance can be done with routine service maintenance and several car spare parts are important to be replaced regularly.

Routine maintenance is highly recommended because it can prevent the car from various spare part damage. If properly maintained, the car can be durable and can be used in various road conditions.

What Is A Spare Part?

Apa Itu Spare Part?

A spare Part is an item that contains various components in a unit and has a specific function. Spare parts are widely used in various types of vehicles, so the types are also very diverse.

Spare parts certainly have their uses, but there are work systems that are interrelated with other parts. At least there are several types of spare parts that are very important to know and learn about the working system.

Types of Car Spare Parts

1. Original


Original equipment manufacturer or OEM is a term that states an original manufactured product. Original products are usually of good quality and many types of original products are found in the automotive industry.

The original product will usually be produced by the original manufacturer or it can also be produced by another company appointed by the manufacturer. Cars are essentially vehicles with hundreds of spare parts.

Not all types of auto parts can be made or produced by the manufacturer, so there are several types of auto parts whose manufacture is transferred to another company, however is still appointed by the car manufacturer.

Even though it is done by other companies, the parts produced are still original or genuine, because their manufacture is following the standards applied by the manufacturer

2. From Non-Manufacturers Aftermarket

Non Pabrikan atau Aftermarket

Car spare parts made by non-manufacturers are the types produced by auto parts companies for the needs of certain segments, so they are not made for the normal needs of the vehicle.

Non-manufacturers are companies that produce spare parts for a hobby, customization, racing, and various other purposes. Non-manufacturers can also make spare parts according to client orders.

Usually, non-manufacturer spare parts will have nothing to do with or related to the car manufacturer, but non-manufacturers usually have a license before making parts.

The parts that are produced by non-manufacturers can have the same good quality as the manufacturing results or they can even be better than the original spare parts from the manufacturer.

3. Non-original


Non-original or in Indonesia known as KW is a term that is very familiar in the automotive world. Parts that are stated as KW are usually divided into 3 levels, namely KW 1, 2, and 3. Usually, the three categories of KW only have a slight difference, which is in the appearance of the manufacturing material used.

Many also think that KW products are included in the fake product category so that KW products will not be produced by car manufacturing companies and also will not obtain a license from the car manufacturer.

When you use KW spare parts, of course, it is very dangerous for your vehicle and your safety, because the quality of KW parts most probably does not meet safety standards.

Benefits of Service Spare Parts

Manfaat Service Spare Part 

Regular maintenance is an important thing for car owners to do, although it does not guarantee that the car is free from various damage and accidents, it can keep car components stable.

Performing routine maintenance can ensure the safety of drivers because the car can continue to run stably in various road conditions. One of the causes of accidents that often occur is because the vehicle is rarely maintained.

Rare maintenance will usually make the car's braking system turn bad, low engine oil, damaged windshield wiper rubber, and various other damages. A bad braking system can certainly cause accidents when driving.

If you do routine maintenance, then you can find out various things that are wrong with the vehicle and you can immediately repair the damage.

Regular maintenance can keep the car's performance stable. A car that is regularly maintained will be more responsive, comfortable to use, and feel smoother when driving.

Car Spare Parts That Must Be Replaced Routinely

1. Engine Oil and Oil Filter

Oli Mesin dan Filter Oli

Engine oil with an oil filter is spare parts that must be replaced regularly because their working life is fairly short. The function of engine oil is very important to lubricate the inside of the engine so that the engine can work stably and engine oil can also avoid friction between components.

The oil filter is useful for filtering impurities that result from engine friction and also filtering carbon. If your car is used frequently, the engine oil working with the oil filter becomes heavier.

The work of engine oil will also be drained when the vehicle is frequently used in traffic jams because the car will stop and drive suddenly. The manufacturer does recommend that new car drivers change the engine oil at 1,000 kilometers.

2. Air filter

Filter udara

The air filter can indeed be cleaned when you do routine or periodic maintenance, but the power of the air filter is very short. The air filter will be useful for filtering dust or dirt that arises from outside. A dirty air filter will obstruct the supply of air entering the car combustion chamber.

By cleaning the air filter, it can save fuel consumption in the car. The air filter must be cleaned when the vehicle reaches 1,000 kilometers and replaced when it reaches 40,000 kilometers.

If the air filter is too dirty and rarely cleaned, dirt from outside can obstruct the supply of air that enters the combustion chamber and this can make fuel consumption more wasteful.

3. Spark plugs


Spark plugs are one of the spare parts that have a small shape but have a big influence in sustaining the car's performance. Damaged spark plugs will make fuel consumption more wasteful because the combustion in the engine room is not running optimally.

Spark plugs will help ignite a fire in the combustion process in the engine room and car owners need to check the spark plugs regularly. Spark plug replacement can be done when the use of the car reaches 20,000 kilometers.

4. Battery


A weak car battery can be realized from the sound of the horn that is not loud, the indicator light is weak or does not turn on and the worst is that the engine does not start. With the weakening of the battery, there will be no supply of power to the car's electrical system.

Make sure to check the battery regularly. The battery will usually decline when the car usage reaches its second or third year. If the battery is getting worse, please replace the car battery with a new battery.

5. AC Filter

Filter AC

An untreated AC filter will make the AC's performance not run well and when its performance is disturbed, the temperature in the cabin will be difficult to cool down. If you let it cool, the air conditioner will eventually break down.

Make sure you always take care of the ac filter and when the repair shop recommends replacing it, immediately replace it with a new filter. The AC filter is generally replaced when the vehicle reaches 20,000 kilometers of use.

6. Brake Pads

Kampas Rem

Brakes are a very important component in a vehicle, so brakes must be checked regularly. Find out the condition of your brake pads and when your brake pads are bad, immediately replace them with new ones.

To check the thickness of a brake lining, you can do it in various ways, such as the sound of the brake causing a squeaky sound due to friction between the 2 metals. If you step on the brake pedal and step feels deeper, the brake pads are detected as depleted.

Now you understand the ins and outs of car spare parts, right? Hope it is useful Wuling Family.

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