6 Ways On How To Parallel Park Your Car

4 May, 2021

Image 6 Ways On How To Parallel Park Your Car

Driving a car is not an easy matter because there are techniques you need to master. You don't just go ahead and jump into a car, but you also have to understand a car's performance well, such as when it comes to parallel parking.

Many car drivers still do not master proper and correct parking techniques. This is not something to take lightly and easily. Parking not only requires driving ability, but you also need to have a strong feeling, especially if you want to parallel park your car.

Even though nowadays many cars use complete parking sensors and cameras for parking, parking must still be done carefully.

Parallel parking techniques can not only rely on the sophistication of parking cameras and sensors, but drivers must be careful. Before deciding to drive an automatic car or manual car, it's good to practice parking skills first.

How to park a car in a parallel way is not much different. However, in parallel parking, several things need to be learned and considered correctly. As a beginner driver, you should know things like the following.

1. Straight & Align Cars

Lurus & Sejajarkan Mobil

When you find a parallel parking location, you can immediately straighten and align the car with one another. The distance from other cars is about half a meter, so there is not much parking space wasted.

After you straighten it, then all you have to do is move the gear to the backward or R position and turn the steering wheel all the way to the right. In this way, the car's position can be suitable and safe.

2. Reverse The Car At An Angle of 45°

Mundurkan Mobil dengan Sudut 45°

If you have done the first step correctly, then all you have to do is rewind the car slowly until it forms a 45° angle. For those of you who don't understand the 45° angle, you can see the left side mirror when reversing the car.

When the middle of the rear car is visible in the rearview mirror, you have successfully parked the car at a 45 ° angle. This method of parking must be learned well because it can be pretty difficult for beginners.

3. Straighten The Steering Wheel

Meluruskan Setir

To do parallel parking, you can also find out the center of the car at the back. That way, you can take advantage of the car reverse camera view positioned on the head unit.

When you feel that you have had enough, of course, you have to straighten the position of the car's wheels by turning the wheel and then slowly launching the car. In this way, the car can be parked nicely and safely.

To straighten the steering wheel's position in a dead car engine condition will undoubtedly be very difficult, so straightening the steering wheel's position must be done while the engine is running. If you are forced to straighten the steering wheel in a dead engine position, then someone must help to push the car.

4. Pay Attention to Car Parts

Perhatikan Bagian Mobil

Parallel parking can also be done by paying attention to the front and back of the car when you reverse the car in a straight line. If this method is done correctly and thoroughly, then parking can be done properly.

You stop the engine when the front of the car is parallel to the backside. It's important to park the car straight so it doesn't easily get knocked over or hit by others' vehicles.

5. Turn the Full Wheel Left

Putar Setir Penuh ke Kanan

You can also do a full turn of the steering wheel to the left. Ensure that the end of your car is parallel to the other car's backside, as this can be a sign that you have to turn the wheel fully to the left.

Then, you can immediately rewind the car slowly until all the car body enters the available parallel parking area. In the reverse position, make sure you always pay attention to the car's movement from the rearview mirror.

6. Straighten the Front Wheel

Meluruskan Roda Depan

If you feel that all car parts are parallel to the rear, please adjust the steering position to straighten the wheel. If not, then please turn the wheel back to the right to taste.

Then you need to advance and reverse the car by turning the steering wheel in the correct direction. Make sure to back the car slowly until it is in a straight or parallel position. If you have straightened the front wheels, the car park position will look neat and orderly.

If you get a parallel parking position, don't be afraid because you only need to practice parking skills regularly. Indeed, now many cars make it easier to do parallel parking as they are equipped with quality features. As technology develops in cars, the way to drive becomes easier.

Before you drive or park a car, you must also pay attention to the rearview mirror position, be it the right side mirror to the left or the front side mirror. By paying attention to all rearview mirrors, you can avoid common parallel parking mistakes.

If you use Wuling Almaz RS, we have good news for you! Parallel parking will be a lot easier with Wuling Almaz RS, thanks to the 360 ​​Cam feature it's equipped with. This superior feature is installed on the head unit in the middle of the dashboard.

In the head unit display screen, the image will appear in three parts. At the top is a camera on the rear bumper that functions to display all objects behind. In this section, there is a 3-line guide, where the green line is a safe sign, yellow is a warning sign, and red is an area with the potential for collisions.

At the bottom is a camera on the left and right side of Almaz RS. These cameras will record all objects on all sides. This feature is beneficial when you park parallel. Even without looking at the rearview mirror, you can do parallel parking perfectly and without any hassle!.

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