How to Install and Use Car Reversing Camera?

16 May, 2022

Image How to Install and Use Car Reversing Camera?

Parking a car can be safer and easier if you use the car's reversing camera feature. As the name suggests, this camera is located on the rear bumper of the car which will provide visuals behind the vehicle. This is very important to prevent the vehicle from hitting an object when going backwards or parking.

It is undeniable that parking a car is something that not everyone can do well. Therefore, currently car manufacturers have innovated by adding a camera on the back of the vehicle which will be very useful when the car is going to reverse.

A reversing camera or also known as a rear camera is one of the devices that really supports the ease of driving. This camera is connected to the screen on the dashboard of the car which will visualize the situation behind the vehicle in real time. This device will certainly make it easier for the driver to see the condition of the back of the vehicle without even having to turn around.

For more details about what the function is and how to set this reverse camera, let's see the explanation below.

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Car Reversing Camera Function

You need to know that a reversing camera is not the same as a parking sensor. Parking sensors will only give a signal in the form of sound when the vehicle detects an approaching object. However, the reversing camera or rear camera can visualize the rear of the car in real time through the screen on the head unit.

Installing a reversing camera on a car will provide many advantages for the driver. This is because the presence of this rear camera has many functions, one of which is to make it easier when you want to park the  car. With a reversing camera, you can monitor the rear of the car better.

Several types of reversing cameras are now also equipped with more advanced features. For instance, being able to detect the distance to objects around the car. When the reversing camera detects that the rear of the car is too close to the surrounding object, it will give a warning in the form of a red color on the head unit screen.

The function and usability of installing a car reverse camera is not only useful when parking the car. It is also useful for knowing the conditions behind the vehicle when driving on the road, for example when there is a traffic jam. In this way, you can always maintain a safe distance surrounding your car, especially when the road is jammed.

One more function of this reverse camera can help the driver to see the rear of the vehicle more clearly when it rains. As is known, when it rains, the driver's visibility becomes limited. With the rear camera, it can help you to have a better viewing distance. Not only when it rains, the reversing camera usually also has good visibility at night.

The reversing camera is indeed very useful to help guide the driver when backing and minimize blind spots. Therefore, the function of this reversing camera is to help expand the area that can be seen by the driver.

Do take a note, however, that even though it has been equipped with a reversing camera, the driver of the car still needs to look and look in the rearview mirror when he wants to back up or park the vehicle. This is to maximize the area that can be seen by the driver's eyes so they can drive more safely and comfortably.

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How Car Reversing Camera Works

The reversing camera will work when the shift lever is in the R or reverse position. In such circumstances, the display on the head unit screen will automatically change to display the conditions behind the car. Each type of reversing camera has a range that varies from 3 meters to 5 meters.

On the screen display of this reverse camera, there are auxiliary lines connected to sensors on the front wheel or steering wheel. The ability of the line will move curved according to the direction of the steering wheel. If the steering wheel is directed to the left, then the line on the screen will also follow.

Sensors located behind the car will also detect when the rear of the vehicle is too close to an object. The display screen will turn red and issue a warning sound if the reverse camera detects that the car is getting too close to an object or objects behind it.

When the reversing camera function is active, the sound produced by audio functions such as a DVD player, TV or radio will be temporarily lost. This is so that the driver can focus more on monitoring the head unit screen when reversing the vehicle.

The presence of a reversing camera is very useful for drivers because it can help reverse the car more safely and comfortably. The existence of this reverse camera can also minimize the occurrence of accidents due to blind spots because the driver can monitor the rear area of ​​the vehicle more broadly.

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How to Install a Car Reverse Camera

Some of the latest types of cars are already equipped with a reversing camera feature. However, for those of you whose car is not equipped with this feature, you can install your own rear camera device.

Actually, how to install a car reverse camera is not too difficult. It's just that there are some important things you need to pay attention to. To find out how to install a reversing camera on this car, consider the following steps:

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1. Set up a proper reversing camera

The first step if you want to install a reverse camera on your car is to choose a device that fits your car. To simplify the installation process, it's a good idea to choose a rear camera that is equipped with a bracket.

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2. Extend the cable from the monitor

After the reversing camera is ready, then prepare the cable that is connected from the monitor screen to the vehicle head unit. At this stage, you also need to install a power camera and an LCD screen that is connected via a reserve switch. The goal is that when the car is in reverse gear, the camera and LCD will automatically turn on.

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3. Open and Close the Back Door

The next stage of how to install this car reversing camera is that you need to open the back door. The trick is to release the lock which is made of plastic material.

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4. Connect the camera cable with the cable from the LCD screen

After the lock on the rear door cover is open, then immediately connect the car reversing camera cable with the video cable coming from the LCD direction. You can take the power cable from the reverse lamp or stop lamp.

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5. Position the camera backwards properly

In order for the rear view camera to be maximized, then you need to make sure that the position is right. Usually the most common reversing camera position is above the vehicle number plate. To find out the exact position, you can check directly on the LCD screen located on the head unit.

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6. Mount the camera firmly

If the position of the car's reverse camera is appropriate, then immediately install the device so that it does not shift. You can use double-sided tape, screws or a cable to attach the reverse camera properly.

A car reversing camera is a very useful device for convenience and safety while driving. Currently, many car manufacturers have embedded a reverse camera feature, one of which is the New Cortez. This latest car is equipped with a rear camera parking camera feature with steering guidelines which will ensure the driver can park the car more safely and comfortably.

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