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All You Need To Know About Electronic Ticketing

3 May, 2021

Image All You Need To Know About Electronic Ticketing

Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement or ETLE is an electronic ticketing system implemented by Polda Metro Jaya. Electronic ticketing will be implemented simultaneously in 12 regional police departments throughout Indonesia.

Sambodo Purnomo Yogo, who serves as Dirlantas Polda Metro Jaya, said that the purpose of the ETLE installation was to carry out ticketing, even if the car came from an out of town license plate or not from Jakarta.

All regional police (Polda) who have joined ETLE Phase 1 can work directly. For example, if Jakarta residents violate traffic in Surabaya, they can be prosecuted or vice versa. Even though the vehicle owner is out of town, the letter will still be sent to their respective address.

How ETLE Works

Cara Kerja ETLE

Polda Metro Jaya is the first Polda to implement an electronic ticketing system in Indonesia and has implemented 98 ETLE cameras installed on protocol roads in Jakarta. ETLE cameras can be found at Simpang Ketapang, Simpang Harmoni, and Simpang Istana Negara, among others.

The installation of ETLE cameras is aimed at cracking down on traffic offenders. Types of violations that can be detected using an ETLE camera include wearing a cellphone while driving, not wearing a helmet, and not wearing a seat belt while driving.

Drivers who violate traffic signs, violate road markings, and wear fake number plates will also be prosecuted. The ETLE camera will automatically catch various traffic violations by motorists.

Data on violating vehicles will be sent to the ETLE back office at RTMC Polda Metro Jaya. The data will be identified using Electronic Registration & Identification or ERI as the source of the vehicle data.

Then, the officer will issue a confirmation letter to the violater’s address. A confirmation letter will be sent no later than three days after the violation is committed.

Locations of Areas Where ETLE implemented

Lokasi Daerah yang Sudah Diberlakukan ETLE

Polda Metro Jaya simultaneously implemented ETLE more widely by reaching 23 regional police forces throughout Indonesia. The implementation of ETLE on a national scale has been carried out since Tuesday, 23 March 2021.

There are at least 244 points that are used as the location for the installation of ETLE cameras, which includes: 98 points at Polda Metro Jaya, 5 points at Polda Riau, 55 points in Polda East Java, 10 points in Polda Central Java, 16 points Polda South Sulawesi, 8 points at Polda Jambi, 10 points at Polda West Sumatra, 4 points at Polda DIY, 5 points at Polda Lampung, 11 points at Polda North Sulawesi, 1 point at Polda Banten and 21 points at Polda West Java.

How To Check, Manage & Pay ELTE

Cara Mengecek, Mengurus & Membayar

Violators who are given a violation confirmation letter will be issued about eight days to confirm. Violators can come directly to the Sub Directorate of Law Enforcement office or confirm via the ETLE website, which can be accessed free of charge.

In general, the officer will issue a ticket using the payment method via BRIVA for any violations that have been identified as being against the law. In this way, it is hoped that the community can be more orderly in traffic.

If the vehicle owner does not confirm or fails to confirm, it will temporarily block the vehicle registration. STNK will be blocked when changing addresses, failure to pay fines, and the vehicle sold.

Wuling family, obeying the applicable traffic regulations is a must for all road users. Make sure you always bring complete car documents, so your trip is always safe and comfortable.

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