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Differences Between Double Blower and Single Air Conditioners (ACs)

14 July, 2021

Image Differences Between Double Blower and Single Air Conditioners (ACs)

Air Conditioner (AC) is currently a standard feature that can be found in every car marketed in Indonesia, either with a single or double blower AC. These two are actually not much different, but until now there are still quite a lot of people who often find it difficult to distinguish single and double blower ACs available in cars.

To find out what are the differences between the two, let’s read the following article to the end.

Difference between Single and Double Blower ACs in Cars

Perbedaan AC Single dan Double Blower di Mobil

Single and double blower ACs have some pretty basic differences. AC single blower is located at the front of the car, precisely on the dashboard of your car. On the other hand, double blower AC is not only installed  on the dashboard, but also in the middle of the car cabin.

Because single blower AC is located on the dashboard, the distribution of cold air is only in the front and center. As a result, the temperature inside the cabin becomes less comfortable as it still feels hot, especially when traveling long distances with many passengers. Whereas in double blower air conditioners, the distribution of cold air from the air conditioner is more evenly spread and can reach the passenger seat at the back.

Advantages of Double Blower AC

Kelebihan AC Double Blower

Double blower AC has many advantages that can make your trip more comfortable. The comfort of using a double blower air conditioner will be even more apparent when traveling during the day, especially as it is very suitable for Indonesian weather which often gets hot due to the dry season or long traffic we often encounter.

The latest Wuling New Confero MPV variant is now equipped with a double blower AC that can reach up to the third row so that the cabin will be cooler and your trip with your family will be more comfortable. Moreover, the New Confero has a powerful engine so it is very easy to traverse the winding hilly terrain without worrying about the engine being burdened.

Single and double blower ACs can both be adjusted to your needs, as two devices can be rea-arranged according to the number of passengers.

Caring Tips for Double Blower AC

Tips Merawat AC Double Blower

It’s commonly believed that double blower air conditioners tend to be difficult to maintain. Fortunately, quite the opposite, double blower AC rarely becomes a problem. This is because the intensity of its use is not as frequent as the blower on the front.

Wuling family, with proper use and care you no longer need to worry about the double blower AC on your New Confero. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and activity restrictions imposed by the government, Wuling From Home is here as a form of customer care to promote the stay safe at home movement.

You can find out information about New Confero on our website or do the booking process easily by finding our service and dealer information on My Wuling+. You can also place car orders at the Wuling store on the official e-commerces. We hope you enjoy the convenience of a double blower AC on New Confero wherever you go!

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