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Ideal Car Speed ​​Limit In Rainy Season

29 March, 2021

Image Ideal Car Speed ​​Limit In Rainy Season

To drive safely in the rainy season requires a special approach, and one of them is by reducing the speed of the car you are driving. The rate of driving accidents when it rains is indeed very high due to several factors.

You may want to pay attention to several aspects below to avoid driving accidents.

1. Check Car Lights

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For those of you who have a car and want to use the car in rainy conditions, besides paying attention to the car speed limit, you also have to check the car lights’ condition. With good lighting conditions, the rider’s visibility when it rains will be clear. Even if it’s daytime, make sure you always have your car lights on.

2. Check Tire Air Pressure

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You must always check your car tires’ condition regularly and make sure that the tire air pressure is stable and adequate. Do not use a car that has thin tires. Do not let your car tires be inflated because the car will be very risky when forced into rainy conditions.

3. Check Car Components

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Make sure you always check various components of the car before using the car in rainy conditions. Parts that need attention include, among others,  clutch, gas, brake pedal, and steering. During the rainy season, you must provide extra care for all car components.

4. Reduce Car Speed

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When the road conditions are pouring rain, the road surface will become slippery. To stay safe driving in the rain, make sure you drive at a low speed and drive slowly so that the tire grooves are in direct contact with the asphalt so that the tire grip is better.

5. Maintain a Safe Distance

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Driving wisely is also very important to do, and one way is to keep a safe distance from other cars. In wet road conditions, the car brakes have a longer distance than on a dry road position.

Reasonable Speed ​​of Driving When It Rains

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The weather, which is considered extreme, is currently hitting Indonesia, requiring car drivers to be extra careful. When it is raining, the potential for traffic accidents is very high. Minimal visibility is one of the factors that cause accidents while driving.

Excessive car speed can also make accidents challenging to avoid. Tire contact will be lost with slippery road or asphalt conditions, especially with too rough maneuvers. Tires that are bald or unfit for use can also be a factor in accidents.

To avoid accidents in a rainy position, you have to drive carefully and slow down when driving the car. By reducing the speed in driving, the car will be easier to control.

If the natural conditions when driving are raining, you should not drive a car with a speed of more than 40 km per hour, and you can drive a car at a speed of 10 km per hour. If driving on a toll road in heavy rain you can speed up around 50 to 60 km per hour. Make sure you drive the car according to traffic conditions.

The Wuling family, using a car at a reasonable speed, is a thing that applies to all types of cars, even though the car has a high ground clearance. Any car will run the risk of losing tire contact if it is used at too high a speed. Always pay attention to safety when driving, okay!

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