Auto Tips


10 April, 2019


A good driver must always be aware of the surroundings while driving, to other drivers or riders as well as to other situations, or better known as Safety Driving andDefensive Driving. It needs a certain skill of the driver to avoid any obstacle or collision while driving.

Before doing any driving, it is best to check your vehicle, especially if you are about to embark in a long journey. At least check the tire pressure by looking at the shape of the tire, is it a bit flat at the bottom or not. And, what is also important is to see around the vehicle, whether something is blocking or check for abnormalities.

Preparing your vehicle before driving is as important because it depends on the safety of every passengers, mostly on a changing weather. Fortunately, in Indonesia there are only 2 seasons; Hot (Summer) and Rainy season, not like in a western world where there are 4 seasons. On a snowy road in winter, the driving skills are tested to its maximum because the surface of the road are very slippery and sometimes difficult to predict.

But it also goes for the rainy season, where the roads are mostly slippery and needs pristine concentration. When it rains, the tire grip to the surface is decreasing and there is a potential for aqua planning if driving too fast on flooded roads.

That is one of the reasons you need to check your vehicle; if your tire tread is deteriorating, the grip will certainly be less than it should perform. Please note that there are several types of tire tread that needs to be understood.

Symmetrical Tread

This symmetrical tread tire is very commonly used in most vehicles. The tread is symmetrical on the inside as well as on the outside of the tire side. The use of these tires is to divide the water on the road, so the vehicle has better grip, and usually these types of tread produce less sound and hence more comfort for the passengers in the cabin.

Asymmetrical Tread

These types of tire seem like two tires merged into one with two different tread on the inside and on the outside of the tire. The design of the outside tread is usually less than those on the inside to provide better grip on a dry surface as well as on a wet surface. A better grip means a better performance while handling or firm lane change. What must be noticed is that these asymmetrical tread tires must be set on the right direction, because if not, it might cause danger while driving.


The tread of these tires may look like a ā€˜Vā€™-shaped tire, because it points in a direction to split the water on the surface evenly to avoid any aqua planning. These tire also offer better grip on a dry surface.

Other crucial part to take notice is the brakes, especially passing thru a puddle. Some may suggest that the brakes must be pressed while driving to keep the brakes clean and dry for optimum performance. But if it is difficult to be done, stay your distance to the car in front so you have more space to let your car reduce speed and brake. Or better yet, if it rains, you may also stay at home and enjoy the warmth of your house.