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Including Kids in Your Trip

14 February, 2018

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One of the customs or habits of Indonesian people is traveling with family. When a trip is about to happen, usually all are invited; husband/wife, children, babysitter, aunt/uncle, even grandparents as well. Be it going to a mall, family gathering, or even a picnic trip for hours out of town. What matters is the seat configuration.

It can get so crowded, you are involuntarily obliged to put your belongings on your lap. But what is most uncomfortable is when you have to sit on the third-row seat—your knees get stuck, so that you have to sit a bit sideway. But since Wuling Motors came up with its Confero S now it is not an issue, because now all passengers can sit comfortably and peacefully.

However, one of the safety issues we often overlook is the car seat, i.e. child’s seat. Sometimes because the seats are full of adult passengers, or just because we just love our child, we often put them on our lap in the front seat. It is actually very risky and we, as adults, should be able to understand and avoid the situation. Then, what do we really need to understand?

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The law pertaining the use of seat-belt

In the Law no. 22 of 2009, Article 106 paragraph 6 is written, everyone who drives four or more wheels on the road and the passenger sitting beside him shall wear safety belts. If caught by the police when not wearing a seat-belt, it is subject to article 289, that is a one-month imprisonment or a fine of Rp250,000

Regulation on child’s seat

Despite the obligation to wear the safety belt, however, the size of the child’s body may not fit yet to the seat-belt configuration; for example, sizing from the child’s height. One way to ensure whether the child’s height is enough is if the seat-belt fits his shoulders, not drapes around the neck. Therefore, children should sit in the back seat equipped with additional chairs that can be hooked to the isofix feature.

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Facts about a child’s seat

But unfortunately, Indonesia has yet to standardize the regulations on the child’s seat, although the isofix feature has been made mandatory in European cars since 2007. And in some European countries, children under the age of 3 years is considered illegal to sit in the front seat. Especially if they sit on an adult’s lap.

When travelling using private vehicles of course the main thing is the security and comfort for all passengers including the driver. Regardless of the regulations prescribed by law enforcements, the most important thing is that we think about the need to keep the safety of all passengers along the way. Make sure children’s safety is a priority so that we as parents can also feel secure during the road trip.

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