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Infinity Audio System by Harman: Almaz Classy Entertainment

20 March, 2019

Image Infinity Audio System by Harman: Almaz Classy Entertainment

Did you know, the smart concept on Wuling Almaz is made to provide a comfortable driving sensation to its users? This is pointed out because the development of technology in making a car makes focus not only on elegant exterior designs, car engines, but also how a vehicle can provide classy entertainment to the driver and all the passengers.

At Wuling, making a car is very concerned about every detail, including Wuling Almaz, which carries the concept of smart & technology. The Almaz smart & technology concept is represented through the technology on the engine, and smart multimedia that adorns the interior spaces of the car.

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Sistem Canggih dengan Kualitas Premium

Sistem Canggih dengan Kualitas Premium

The entertainment feature at Almaz starts with a 10.4-inch touch screen unit that is embedded in the car’s cabin. Located in the center of the dash, the head unit can connect with various features to make it easier for users when driving. Not only that, Almaz juxtaposed this sophisticated head unit with the Infinity Audio System by Harman.

As we know, Harman was a pioneer in the stereo technology-based audio industry which introduced its first stereo receiver in 1958. Harman’s audio system continues to grow and always consistent in providing classy entertainment to its users. Harman also has been well received in the market over the past five decades.

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The Infinity audio system by Harman is presented through 4 speakers, 4 tweeters, and 1 subwoofer around the Almaz cabin. With this specification, the audio system inside Almaz is able to provide good sound quality to provide driving comfort.

The reason Almaz presents classy entertainment features to its users is that entertainment features are now one of the considerations in buying a vehicle. Not a few world car manufacturers that provide sophisticated audio systems in the cars they market.

So, when you decide to choose Almaz as a private vehicle, you not only get an elegantly designed car and are driven by state-of-the-art engines, but also classy entertainment in the cabin of a vehicle made by the world’s leading brands.

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