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Long Awaited Weekend

30 July, 2018

Image Long Awaited Weekend

Where are you planning to spend the weekend? When you live in big cities, malls are inevitable. So, you call your friends to hang out at a new cool & quirky café instead. But, you know what? Sometimes it’s not about the ‘where’, but more about the ‘how’. How do you plan to make your weekend a blast?

Through this article, we would like to assist you with some important stuffs to prepare and carry to officially call it the perfect weekend starterpack:

Go with Friends

Some people often prefer to go about anywhere with themselves, as it gives them a sense of a more peaceful atmosphere to think about things and calm one’s self after a week’s madness at the office. But, there are people who prefer to go out with friends and having a good big laugh to refresh during the weekend. Which one are you? Different situation calls for a different way of how to spend your weekend, for sure.


Going abroad might be a refreshment, somewhere close like Singapore or Malaysia, or even take a longer weekend and fly to Dubai to experience something out of the box. Why not? But, at times you just can’t help it but to stay in town. So, why not turning on your Wuling, always check your tires’ condition through the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), check on the notes from your workshop to make sure when is the next time for you to send it off for a regular service.

When everything is safe, open your Google map for the nearby public park, library, art exhibition, or even modern market—basically anywhere that would help you spend the weekend in peace.

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What You Might Need to Bring

Medicines and First-Aid Kit

Wherever you decide to go, make sure you bring your medicine and first aid kit. And when you decide to go to a park or anywhere where there are grass, trees, and flowing waters, bring a mosquito repellent to prevent your skin from getting itchy, and also to prevent you from getting sick by its bite.

Writing pad

Bring an iPad Pro with the Pencil or a simple writing pad to reexperience the joy of writing or drawing your thoughts away on a piece of paper—a luxury that is almost forgotten with the existence of over-used office computers as the modern-day writing station. If you love drawing, you can express that hobby when you are alone at the park or your favourite café.


We obviously don’t need to lecture you how important this is to be brought along. Although, you can also charge your phone in your Wuling car—a powerbank is still an essential, though.

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Tumbler and Canvas Bag

Stop using plastic glass and straws, because they are a danger to our soil and water. Have you seen the video where a turtle got a plastic straw stuck within his nostril? Or a grown fish with a ring of plastic stuck around her belly? Or simply think about the plastic particles that are spread in the water, which eventually end up in our stomach from the water we drink.

So horrible. It is never too late to start bringing your own tumbler to buy drinks, use your canvas bag in place of your regular plastic shopping bag, always remind yourself and other people around you to stop littering.

Hopefully these weekend tips can help you get through the weekend. Have fun this weekend!

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