5 Principles and Benefits of the Smart Technology in New Cortez

22 June, 2022

Image 5 Principles and Benefits of the Smart Technology in New Cortez

Wuling Motors never stops providing convenience for its loyal users by presenting various intelligent technologies in its cars. Wuling's various technological innovations can provide convenience, and comfort to guarantee better driving safety for users.

The development of increasingly sophisticated technology makes more innovations, including in the automotive industry. The latest cars have various advanced features that make the driving experience more interesting. One example is the smart technology embedded in this New Cortez car.

New Cortez is equipped with various beneficial intelligent technologies that provide many conveniences for its users. Here are five smart technologies in this SUV and how they work, let's look at the following review!

Pengertian dan Cara Kerja 5 Teknologi Cerdas New Cortez

5 Smart Technologies in New Cortez

New Cortez comes with various smart technologies that provide many conveniences and benefits for its users. These various technologies are also supported by advanced features that make the driving experience even more interesting.

Here's a list of 5 smart technologies in New Cortez and how they work:

Bluetooth Key

1. Bluetooth Key

Bluetooth Key is a smart technology that supports the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) feature on New Cortez cars. This technology is a substitute for conventional keys that allow car users to access vehicles such as opening and closing car doors using a Bluetooth connection connected to a smartphone.

To enjoy this feature, you must first download and install the MyWuling+ application. Next, register to be able to activate the IoV feature to bind the vehicle with the Bluetooth key smart technology. To bind this feature, you can use a barcode scan on the head unit or you can follow the instructions in the application.

The advantage of this smart technology is that you don't have to carry your keys with you anywhere. In addition, you can also open and close the vehicle door remotely. This technological innovation is certainly very helpful and easy, especially for those of you who have high activity.

Start Stop Engine

2. Start Stop Engine

Start Stop Engine is one of the technological innovations in the automotive world that is widely used in the latest cars. This feature is in the form of a button on the car's dashboard that makes it easier to turn on and turn off the vehicle engine when the car is stopped or parked. So with this feature, the car engine can automatically turn off and on by itself under certain conditions.

To start the car engine, the driver only needs to step on the brake pedal and press the Start Engine button on the vehicle dashboard. When the car is stopped or stuck in traffic, the car engine will automatically shut down if the driver pulls the handbrake and shifts the gear to the neutral position. If you want to start the engine again, simply release the handbrake and shift gear to position 1.

The Start Engine feature on New Cortez provides many advantages for its users. One of them offers a faster and easier way to start the vehicle's engine. Not only that, but this feature can also provide more protection to the vehicle because there is a pre-start technology that allows the car engine to start and stop in the right conditions. The use of this engine start is also able to reduce fuel consumption by about 3 percent.

The way the Start Stop Engine works is connected to the FO, also known as the smart key. So to start or turn off the car engine you need to ensure that the smart key is not far from the vehicle.

Geo-fencing Security

3. Geo-fencing Security

Geo-fencing Security is one of the excellent features in New Cortez. This feature is the ability of cars connected to the internet to have a virtual security fence area. So when the vehicle has passed the Geo-fencing Security area that the owner has set, the system will automatically provide a notification.

This smart car feature provides security from the risk of vehicle theft. Car owners can monitor the location of the vehicle so that if the car has the potential to get out of the permitted area, it will automatically give a warning to the owner.

To be able to use this feature, you must first download and install the MyWuling+ application. Next, you must set the midpoint in the virtual fence area. This way, the New Cortez car will be more protected and can minimize the risk of theft.

Navigasi Online

4. Online Navigation

New Cortez is also equipped with other smart technology, namely online navigation. As the name suggests, this feature allows Wuling car users to prepare for a trip even before entering the car. Later, when you enter the car and the engine runs, this online navigation feature will automatically activate the vehicle's head unit.

This online navigation feature is connected to a smartphone and internet network. So to use it, you have to install the MyWuling+ application first. After that, you need to bind the application with the features in the head unit. Only then can you take advantage of this online navigation technology.

Online navigation technology is beneficial for users to better prepare for the trip. Not only that, but you can also ensure safety and comfort while driving until after you finish moving.

Vehicle Positioning

5. Vehicle Positioning

Another innovative technology embedded in the New Cortez is Vehicle Positioning. Wuling technology is a feature that makes it easier for users to find vehicle parking locations. This technology is included in one of the features of the Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem (WISE) application.

Vehicle Positioning works using the GPS found in the MyWuling+ application and vehicles. When the car is connected to the application, the GPS in the application will show the car's location in real-time. This feature will make it easier for users to find the parking lot or the vehicle's location when it is lent.

The advantage of this Vehicle Positioning technology is that it is easier for owners to find the vehicle's location when in the parking lot. Not only that, but this feature also allows vehicle owners to know the car's current location so that it can provide security from the risk of theft.

New Cortez can be an option for those of you who need a car with advanced technology. Various features embedded in this car can provide convenience and comfort while driving. Not only smart technology in New Cortez is also able to maximize security so you can avoid the risk of theft or car burglary.

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