Car Dashboard Functions & Parts That You Must Know

4 May, 2021

Image Car Dashboard Functions & Parts That You Must Know

The car dashboard is one part of the car interior that is usually placed at the car's front. It hosts various indicator panels of each part of the car and additionally becomes a divider between the front of the car and the driver.

Dashboard designs vary widely, depending on the brand and features used—the more sophisticated the application of its features, the better the quality of the dashboard.

Overview of The Car Dashboard

Sekilas Tentang Dashboard Mobil

A dashboard does have a significant role in a car because the car's appearance and performance will look troublesome without a dashboard. If your car doesn't use the dashboard, it would feel uneasy when driving.

The dashboard has lots of components that are interconnected and supporting each other. Before you understand more about car components, you should first understand the details on the car dashboard.

Car Dashboard Functions & Parts

1. Car Indicator Light

Lampu Indikator Mobil

Car indicator lights are one of the components in a dashboard. The indicator light will usually get special attention from drivers because it is positioned right in front of the rider.

Indicator lights can show engine temperature, door, airbag indicator, brake, check engine, RPM, speedometer, seat belt and odometer. All the indicators listed have different functions.

2. Car Drawer

Laci Mobil

The car drawer is usually right at the front of the passenger and serves to store various goods. Some items must be stored in a car drawer, but many car owners ignore them.

Items that must be stored in a car drawer are usually cell phone chargers, flashlights, first aid kits, manuals and car insurance document books. The availability of these items is important, so you fill them up if you haven't already.

3. Ignition key

Kunci kontak

The ignition key is usually at the bottom right of the car steering wheel. You insert your car key there to start the car.

4. Levers

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Car levers are usually located on the left and right of the car's steering wheel. When turning on the turn signal, the lever functions to turn on the headlights at night and turn on the fog lights when the weather conditions are foggy.

The transmission lever used in a car is a lever that functions to shift gears in the car's transmission system. With the transmission lever, you can increase or decrease the car's speed by shifting gears.

5. Head Unit

Head Unit

In general, the head unit becomes the entertainment center of a car. With the head unit, you can play music or connect to a cellphone to make a call. If the car is not equipped with a head unit, the nuances in the car will be boring.

The head unit on the market has 2 sizes, namely 1 DIN or single DIN and 2 DIN or double DIN sizes. In that sense, DIN stands for Deutsche Institut fur Normung which is the standard measure in manufacturing head unit products.

6. Car Features Control Center

Pusat Kontrol Fitur Mobil

Then, the control center section of the car features is positioned at the center of the dashboard. This control center usually consists of hazard light settings, air conditioning and others. The driver should be able to reach this section easily.

The New Confero S provides all the technology and advantages of a car dashboard to increase comfort when driving a car through the Youth and Sporty concept it carries. The luxurious and elegant dashboard appearance will enhance the modern aura while driving.

This 8-inch head unit and the touchscreen will make your trip easier. The features on the New Confero S will be handy to access along the way.

In addition, another feature that is an advantage is the TPMS. All information related to car tire pressure will be easily found on the Multi-Information Display (MID) screen installed on the New Confero S dashboard.

This sophisticated feature makes your trip even more comfortable because you always get the latest information regarding car tire pressure. Not only that, but this feature will also prevent you from being hit by the crime mode of a flat car tire because you can check it directly from the TPMS feature.

Apart from TPMS, your trip will be even more comfortable with the Clear Rear Parking Camera, providing you with a relatively broad visual when you are reversing the car because it will be immediately visible on the head unit on the dashboard.

That's a brief explanation of the car dashboard and its components. Hopefully, it can add to your information about cars!

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