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The Excitement of Creating Content with Almaz RS

3 August, 2021

Image The Excitement of Creating Content with Almaz RS

As the latest Wuling SUV variant that adapts various technological advantages, Almaz RS is very comfortable to use in various daily needs. Not only for a better driving style, Almaz RS also has various advantages for the comfort of daily driving for you and your family.

On this occasion, Putra Ausa, a vlogger and content creator, had the opportunity to try the Almaz RS feature when giving a videography tutorial for cinematic B roll shots taking with a car.

Exterior Dynamic Design

Exterior Dynamic Design

The Almaz RS has a sporty and charming exterior that fits perfectly with Putra Ausa’s style as a professional videographer. Like a grille with a futuristic concept, coupled with the New Smoked Headlamp that uses a futuristic projector headlight, making it easy to adjust the lighting and Daytime Running Light (DRL). No wonder he felt very comfortable on the road.

At the rear side, there is a dynamic tail design that gives perfection to the exterior appearance of this car. The legs feel more dashing with 17-inches stylish alloy wheels and a chrome exhaust.

All-Digital Dashboard

Dashboard yang Serba Digital

In his video tutorial, Putra Ausa shows the sophistication of Almaz RS technology starting from an all-digital, easy to use, dashboard that is especially useful when the car is started. Using the Almaz RS is as easy as using your thumb; you can even start the star by accessing My Wuling+ application or simply pressing the start button in the cabin. So, controlling the car is now easier and just a click away.

Charming Panoramic Sunroof

Panoramic Sunroof Menawan

Another interesting thing that makes Putra Ausa interested is the 0.8 m2 Panoramic Sunroof -the largest size in its class! This means that 70% of the Almaz roof consists of Panoramic Sunroof glass, providing a better and broader outside view even until the rear row of seats. This feature is quite high in its class as it is mostly used in the latest luxury cars to date.

Trying Powerful Machine Technology

Mencoba Teknologi Mesin yang Powerful

When tried by one of Putra Ausa’s colleagues, the Almaz RS turned out to be very responsive because it was supported by a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,500cc, also equipped with a very powerful turbocharger to produce a maximum power of 140 HP and 250 Nm of torque. In addition, the Almaz series relies on a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with an 8-speed manual simulation mode that offers smoother and very responsive gearshifts.

My Wuling+ Makes It Easier

My Wuling+ Membuatnya Lebih Mudah

Of all the advantages of the Almaz RS, the My Wuling+ application impressed Putra Ausa the most because it was quite easy for daily use and time efficiency. For instance, when Putra was sitting and wanted to dissipate the cabin heat by opening the window and turning on the air conditioner, all he needed to do was just use the My Wuling+ application remotely from his smartphone.

In addition, Putra Ausa also tried to start the car without having to be near the car, so he can schedule heating the car anywhere. Not only that, the My Wuling+ application also allows you to transfer virtual keys to other users, hence your family or friends can use your Almaz RS without having to hold the physical key.

Trying the Almaz RS Safety Guarding Feature

Mencoba Langsung Fitur Safety Guarding Almaz RS

Wuling is very concerned about safety driving features as it equips the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) feature in this car. Here, Putra Ausa shows how some important ADAS features work where driving can be done more easily and safely. The first is Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) which allows the system to automatically apply emergency braking when the driver does not respond to the collision hazard warning.

Furthermore, Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) allows the car to automatically adjust the direction of the steering wheel to return to a safe lane. Putra Ausa gave a demonstration when activating this feature, the car will automatically follow the markers that have been detected automatically by the LKA sensor. Including when the road conditions turn to the side, the car automatically follow the marking line.

Another feature is Lane Departuring Warning (LDW), which is a system that will warn the driver when exiting the lane unexpectedly to reduce the risk of an accident. These ADAS features are maximized when the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) feature is also activated, allowing the car to run semi-autonomously without stepping on the gas pedal according to the speed.

Putra gave an example, when the car is set at a speed of 70 km/hour, the car runs automatically in a safe lane and will reduce speed automatically when there are vehicles or other objects on the road.

However, here Putra Ausa gives an important note because this feature is not autopilot or semi-autopilot, so the driver still has to be alert when holding the steering wheel. Beyond that, this feature still helps to relieve the burden of tired driving in the midst of busy activities, especially at night.

Smart Technology for Family Entertainment

Teknologi Pintar untuk Hiburan dengan Keluarga

On the entertainment features, the Almaz RS is equipped with a 10-inch head unit located on the dashboard. With his family, Putra tried this feature, where he can get his smartphone mirrors to the car head unit, allowing him to  operate a smartphone such as opening the YouTube application or replying to chats easily.

Moreover, the Almaz RS comes with WISE which supports Indonesian voice commands. So that when driving, Putra can easily turn on the radio or use other features in the car while still being able to chat casually with his family without interacting too much with the features.

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