Understanding the Vehicle Number Code in Indonesia

31 January, 2022
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Image Understanding the Vehicle Number Code in Indonesia

Having a number plate is one of the most important parts of owning a vehicle because if you don't, you can be stopped by the police and get a ticket. This number plate is quite important because it can show the origin of the vehicle. Each area has a different vehicle number plate code so that we can identify where the vehicle is coming from.

To find out more about the vehicle number plate code, this article will describe the history of vehicle plates in Indonesia and how to read it.

What Is The Vehicle Number Plate Code?

Apa Itu Kode Plat Nomor Belakang?

The vehicle's number plate code has its own function and purpose. Vehicle number plates in Indonesia are mandatory for all vehicles of any type. Vehicle license plates have numbers and letters with special functions, such as identifying the origin of the vehicle. That is why the code for each vehicle will vary according to the area of ​​origin.

Usually the license plate code on the vehicle will consist of 7 characters which contains the area code, vehicle validity period, and registration number. However, for vehicles from Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, and Bekasi, they have a special addition. The Jabodetabek area has 8 characters consisting of 1 first letter for the area code, numbers for the registration code, and 3 letters on the back.

The material used to make vehicle number plates in Indonesia is aluminum. This code must be installed on every motorized vehicle on the road, whether it be private, public, official vehicles, and others. Its position must also be placed in front and behind the vehicle.

History of Vehicle Plates in Indonesia

Sejarah Plat Kendaraan di Indonesia

Vehicle number plates have been used in Indonesia since the era of Batavia. At that time, all vehicles had to attach a placard with the letter B, followed by 5 numbers, and finally ended with the letter A or C. This letter B was used because at that time Batavia was controlled by Battalion B.

Not only in Batavia, but vehicle number plates are also used in several areas, such as Banten and Surabaya. The number plate for Banten uses the letter A because the area is controlled by Battalion A. Meanwhile, Surabaya uses an L plaque because this area was conquered by Battalion L. After the Dutch returned to control Batavia, the rules for using this number plate were still used and all islands in Indonesia finally using this vehicle number plate rule.

Vehicle Number Plate Specifications

Spesifikasi Plat Nomor Kendaraan

Similar to the history of using vehicle number plates, there are several specifications that must be followed for all types of vehicles in Indonesia. Here are some of the technical specifications:

  • The motor vehicle number sign is in the form of an aluminum plate using a mold consisting of 2 lines.
  • The first line consists of the area code started with letters, followed by the police number formed by numbers, and ended by the final series of areas using letters.
  • The 2nd row consists of the validity period of the plate. For example 08.21 is a sign that the plate is valid only until August 2021.

How To Read The Vehicle Number Plate Code

Cara Membaca Kode Plat Nomor Belakang

In accordance with the technical specifications above, the number plate code can function to distinguish the origin of the vehicle, class, type of vehicle, to the registration number of the vehicle. Here's how to check a car number plate or other vehicle code.

First letter

Huruf awal

The first letter is the city code or origin of the vehicle. Usually for official vehicles, the letters used are symbols of the agency the vehicle originates from.



This number is the number of the police in accordance with the order of registration of the motor vehicle. This figure is also a sign of the type of motorized vehicle. This can indicate whether it is a private or public vehicle. This number will consist of 1 to 4 digits. The Jakarta area itself will have the following details:

  • Numbers 9000-9999 for load carrying vehicles or trucks.
  • Numbers 7000-7999 for buses.
  • Numbers 3000-6999 for motorcycles.
  • Numbers 8000-8999 for passenger/goods vehicles.
  • Numbers 1-2999 for passenger vehicles

The first letter after the police number

Huruf pertama setelah angka nomor polisi

The first letter after the number of the police number indicates where the vehicle is located. The following is a list of alphabetical codes for the first letter after the number plate number:

  • B – West Jakarta area
  • S – South Jakarta area
  • P – Central Jakarta area
  • U – North Jakarta area
  • T – East Jakarta area
  • E – Depok area
  • Z – Depok City area
  • F – Bekasi Regency area
  • K – Bekasi City area
  • G – Tangerang Regency area SAMSAT Tigaraksa
  • C – Tangerang City area
  • V – Tangerang City area SAMSAT Ciledug
  • N – Tangerang Regency area SAMSAT BSD
  • W – South Tangerang City area

The second letter after the police number

Huruf kedua setelah angka nomor polisi

After the first letter, there is a second letter after the police number. This letter code will indicate the type of vehicle according to its class. Here is the alphabetical list:

  • A – Sedan/Pick Up
  • Q – Government staff
  • J – Jeeps and SUVs
  • U – Government staff
  • D – Truck
  • T – Taxi
  • V – Minibus
  • F – Minibus, Hatchback, City Car

To make it clearer, you can read the symbols on the police license plates in the following way. For example if the vehicle number plate is B 2819 SAT:

  • B is a vehicle located or registered in DKI Jakarta, Bekasi, or Depok.
  • The number 2819 is the vehicle allocated as a passenger vehicle.
  • S is the place code of the registered vehicle, namely South Jakarta.
  • A is the class code of the vehicle which is a sedan or pick up.
  • T is the alphabet that distinguishes one vehicle from another.

Types and Functions of Vehicle Plates in Indonesia

Jenis dan Fungsi Plat Kendaraan di Indonesia

The number plate code is not something that is made out of nothing but has its own functions and uses. The following are the types and functions of vehicle number plates in Indonesia:

  • Black and white letters are used for private or rental vehicles.
  • Red and white letters are used for official vehicles owned by the government.
  • The green color & white writing are used for motorized vehicles that are in free trade places such as in areas that have received free import duty facilities. In accordance with the law, this vehicle may not be moved or used in other areas of Indonesia.
  • Yellow and black letters are used for public transportation, such as taxis, public transportation, or city buses.
  • White color and blue writing are used for vehicles belonging to diplomatic corps of foreign countries.

That's some information that we can provide regarding the vehicle number code in Indonesia. We discussed the number plate code and the area the vehicle originates from.

This vehicle number plate code is very important if you have a vehicle because it can be used for vehicle regulation activities. Installation of a vehicle number plate is also very important if you have a vehicle.

Be sure to install this vehicle number plate on the front and back of the vehicle. If your vehicle number plate has expired, you can extend the number plate at Samsat. We hope that the information we provide regarding the vehicle number plate code in Indonesia can help you understand the use of the vehicle number plate codes further.

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