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Indonesian Vehicle Registration Plates

2 March, 2021

Image Indonesian Vehicle Registration Plates

Indonesian police use the term “Tanda Nomor Kendaraan” (TNKB), which can be translated to vehicle registration plates. In Indonesia, there are actually several types of number plates that show area code or vehicle function. You may want to read the information below to learn more about the details.

A registration plate is an important element of a vehicle, as it is regulated in the Regulation of the Head of the Indonesian National Police (Perkapolri) Number 5 of 2012 concerning the Registration and Identification of Motorized Vehicles.

“TNKB is a sign of registration and identification of vehicles that serves as legitimate proof of the vehicle to be able to operate within the country. It is symbolized in the form of plates or other materials with certain specifications issued by the National Police and contains registration area codes, registration numbers, validity periods, and is installed on the vehicle,” said Article 1 number 10 Perkapolri 5/2012.

The Difference Types of Vehicle Registration Plates

The Difference Types of Vehicle Registration Plates

The most commonly seen registration plates are the ones with a black background and white writing. There are, however, other colors as well. Hence, it’s better for you to check the registration plate of your car to ensure it matches the color and function.

Yellow number plates with black letters are used for public transportation vehicles, while color number plates belong to the government official vehicle.

There is also a type of vehicle registration plate with the blue font on a white background, which indicates the ownership of the Foreign State Diplomatic Crops. While black font on a green background implies that the vehicle can operate in free trade areas and receives import duty exemption facilities.

Letters on Vehicle Registration Plates

Letters on Vehicle Registration Plates

After understanding the different colors, you also need to conduct a car plate check on the letters embedded in it. Usually, there are some letters prior to (prefix) and following a series of numbers in the middle part.

The prefix letter represents registration area codes. For example, vehicles from Jakarta, Bekas, Tangerang, and Depok are assigned the letter B on the number plate. Moreover, Bogor and its surrounding areas use the letter F. Other areas use their own letters as well.

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Series of Numbers on Vehicle Registration Plates

Series of Numbers on Vehicle Registration Plates

A series of numbers, from 1 up to 4 numbers, follow the prefix letter. The type of vehicles can be identified from the series of numbers it uses.

For instance, passenger vehicles originating from Jakarta are assigned the numbers of 1-2999, whereas 8000-8999 are allocated for commercial vehicles, 3000-6999 for motorcycles, 7000-7999 for buses, and 9000-9999 for trucks or vans.

If all of the allocated serial numbers of a certain vehicle type are used up, the next serial number returns to the initial number that has been allocated with an alphabetical identification from A  to Z located at the end of the code.

In regards to Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi, the letters following the serial numbers have reached 3 letters of the alphabet. The first two letters tell where exactly the vehicle is originated from and what type of vehicle (class) it is, while the last one serves as a differentiator.

Take, for instance, vehicle registration plates of B 1234 KAJ. The B prefix implies that the vehicle is from the Jadetabek region, the number 1234 means it is of a passenger vehicle, whereas KAJ can be broken down as follows: K means the vehicle is from Bekasi City; A means it is a sedan/pickup type of car; and J is a distinguishing alphabet.

The first letter of the vehicle origin

  • B – West Jakarta area
  • C – Tangerang City area
  • E – Depok area
  • F – Bekasi Regency area
  • G – Tangerang Regency SAMSAT Tigaraksa area
  • K – Bekasi City area
  • N – Tangerang Regency area SAMSAT BSD
  • P – Central Jakarta area
  • S – South Jakarta area
  • T – East Jakarta area
  • U – North Jakarta area
  • V – Tangerang City area SAMSAT Ciledug
  • W – South Tangerang City area
  • Z – Depok City area

The second letter of the type of vehicle

  • A – Sedan / Pick Up number plate
  • D – Truck plate number
  • F – License plate type Minibus, Hatchback, City Car
  • J – Jeep and SUV type plates
  • Q – Government staff number plate
  • T – Taxi type plate
  • U – Government staff number plate
  • V – Minibus type number plate

Official Car Number Plate

Official Car Number Plate

Vehicle registration code for police or government officials follow a different order. There is an ‘RF’ code which means that the cars belong to the state officials from echelon II level up to ministers. Although ministers’ vehicles also have their registration code which starts with the letters “RI” followed by several numbers.

Details of the “RF” registration code

  • RFS – Vehicle registration codes intended for civilian officials.
  • RFD – Vehicle registration codes for Indonesian army officials
  • RFL – Vehicle registration codes for Indonesian navy officials
  • RFU – Vehicle registration codes for Indonesian air force officials
  • RFP – Vehicle registration codes for Indonesian police officials

Well, those are some explanations concerning the Indonesian vehicle registration code. You can check your vehicle’s registration code plate and also ensure that it matches what you see on the Vehicle Code Certificate. You can conduct this check when you encounter a car with an odd license code.

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