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Why Confero S Is the Right Choice as Your Daily MPV

28 September, 2018

Image Why Confero S Is the Right Choice as Your Daily MPV

In the midst of your busy working schedules, it’s quite a common thought to replace your old private means of transportation with a new car brand that is more trustworthy, reliable on the road, and affordable money-wise. Actually, it’s not too difficult in making such decision. What we are going to tell you is our review on a number of factors that can help you decide why Confero is still the right choice and relevant to your daily driving needs.

1.    Model

One crucial consideration for many is the model. Although it has little to do with car’s performance, other than the aerodynamic factors, many are attracted to certain exterior models. Model-wise, Wuling Confero has been designed with attractive look. More than that, the comfort in driving a Wuling Confero S begins when you look at it—sporting a stylish chrome grille & bumper, roof rail, adjustable projector headlight with follow me home, daytime running light, electric door mirror with side turning signal, etc. * type C & L.

Our workers in the manufacturing area have also thought carefully about modern form factors that is suitable for you and your family. The next step, choose a colour that suits your personality here.

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2.    Features & Comfort

With a friendly price, even for the highest type, the Confero S 1.5 Lux is guaranteed to be satisfied with its features and convenience. You certainly agree with the opinion of many of our consumers that Confero S provides an equivalent value—even more than the price offered. Go check on the safety features, the sophistication of the head unit to keep you entertained throughout the trip, the spacious seats and trunk, convenience features such as USB plugs to charge your cell phone and gadgets that are available up to the third row. So, what are you waiting for? Okay, we’ll give you the ultimate reasons.

3.    Engine Capacity

With an engine capacity of 1,500 CC, of ​​course this is reliable enough for your daily needs to go from home to where you work, or take your child to school, even for you to take your wife to the market every weekend or even for a vacation. With seating capacity that can contain 7 to 8 people without having to feel crowded in the third-row seats, the Confero is still able to keep your baggage, whether it’s your holiday suitcase or your shopping on the trunk. You don’t believe? Come visit the nearest dealer  to try driving a Wuling Confero S for yourself.

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4.   Price

With the utmost effort to make ends meet, of course you must be as wise as possible in managing your monthly financial flow. You might need to sacrifice by doing extra job on the side to fulfil your expectation of an high-end car, but what more do you need if all can be provided by cars, such as the Wuling Confero S?

Find a complete pricing and specifications about Wuling Confero S here.

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