What To Consider When Buying A New Car

24 December, 2020

Image What To Consider When Buying A New Car

Entering the new year, people often have a new resolution for a better life. It can be anything, one of them is buying a new car to replace the old one. Of course, there are many advantages to buying a new car. Starting from the variety of models offered to the latest features and technology that your old car might not be equipped with.

Too many models are offered in the market, making it a bit confusing to choose from. Not knowing what to pay attention to when choosing a new car can often lead to regret later on when you realize that the car you buy is not exactly how you want it to be. Hence, don’t make the wrong choice in the first place!

Below are some tips you can follow when considering to buy a car. Pay attention to these so you don’t get disappointed in the future.

Adjust To Your Needs

Sesuaikan Dengan Kebutuhan Anda

There are many types of cars on offer today. But before you choose which car is more suitable for your needs, you must first determine the type of car you will use.

Suppose you decide to drive either an MPV (Low Multi-Purpose Vehicle) or SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). At this stage, it's a good idea to adjust the type of car to your daily needs and your family so you don't regret it later.

Create a Dream Car Checklist

Buat Daftar Checklist Mobil Impian

After you finish determining the type of car you are going to buy, the next step is to make a checklist of what cars to buy. This second step is quite important because it will be your guide during the test drive, so you can make comparisons on each car that you will choose.

The checklist that you should consider is the unit's characteristics, such as steering, power, acceleration, braking, exterior color, comfort in the cabin, to the features and technology provided.

It's also a good idea if you look for references and discuss them with those closest to you. This input is valuable to help you make important decisions.

Ensure Comfort and Safety Guaranteed

Pastikan Kenyamanan dan Keamanan Terjamin

Ensuring the car you buy has guaranteed comfort and safety is very important for you because you will continue to use the car for various daily activities.

There are many factors that you can consider here, such as comfort in the cabin, ease of seat adjustment, freedom of view, and many more. Not only in terms of comfort, of course, you also have to consider the safety factor because you don't want your car to be stolen, right?

Several car models do not include a good safety system for several reasons. You can install it yourself later on, but it will be much easier and simpler if the safety system comes pre-installed, don’t you think?

Check the Features Again

Cek Kembali Fitur-Fiturnya

Completeness of vehicle features will provide an added value. But there are some points that you have to think about and consider: are the features that will be obtained can help when you are driving? Is the operation of the features easy? It is better to check and survey first so that it will be easier in the future.

Consider the Costs That Must Be Issued

Pertimbangkan Biaya yang Harus Dikeluarkan

Having a new car, of course, there are costs that you have to pay later. These costs include routine maintenance costs, vehicle insurance, fuel, and maintenance which together require a lot of funds.

Understand and consider what costs you have to spend and you should consult a salesperson or seek information from the user of the car you want. You can take advantage of existing social media or forums.

Don't Hesitate to Perform a Test Drive!

Jangan Ragu Melakukan Test Drive!

The performance and comfort of the car you are going to buy must be known firsthand. You can do a test drive to try the car you are going to buy directly. Before doing a test drive, you have to check the specifications so you can ensure later on whether the car you are going to buy is suitable for your driving needs.

The test drive is also very useful to feel the atmosphere while driving. You can try to go through inclines and descents so you can feel how the car is performing.

Don't forget to pay attention to power, performance, and brakes, because they are very important for your comfort during your ride. Don't hesitate to try to take a variety of routes or at least one that is often traveled every day.

Don't be rushed into making decisions

Jangan Terburu Mengambil Keputusan

Avoid deciding to buy a new car on the same day you do a test drive. The smell of a new car often tempts you to make decisions that you probably shouldn't have. It's a good idea to wait a few days before deciding so you can perform a thorough comparison.

Do a Price Comparison and Set a Budget aside

Lakukan Perbandingan Harga dan Sisihkan Anggaran

Price is the main factor that will influence consideration in buying a car. Make a comparison between the models of the type of car you want. Consider the promotions offered to get the best price.

When considering to buy a new car, you should immediately set aside your budget. Understand that as a smart Wuling Family, you should not worry about whether buying a car in cash is better than in installments, or vice versa. Both are fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with your budget and monthly cash flow.

As a recommendation in choosing a new car, Wuling has two new product variants, namely Cortez CT Type S and Almaz Limited Edition.


Cortez CT Type S is an MPV class with quite a competitive price. Already equipped with 16-inch alloy ring rims with a two-tone color interior design, Captain Seat seats wrapped in synthetic leather and the latest technology features, namely engine start/stop button, Keyless Entry, Remote Open Windows and Trunk, and Anti-Thefts System.

The engine itself uses an inline 4-cylinder turbo engine, DOHC, DVVT with a capacity of 1,451 ccs and can produce a maximum power equivalent to 140 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque.


Meanwhile, Almaz Limited Edition, which is a limited-edition SUV, is only sold for 100 units! This variant provides a variety of special touches through two-tone color accents on the exterior and incorporates the exclusive Power Tailgate and Air Purifier features. The petrol engine part has a powerful 1,500cc Turbo and produces a maximum power of 140 HP and 250 Nm of torque which is channeled through a smooth and responsive CVT transmission.

Don't forget to realize your New Year's resolution to buy a new Wuling car in the Wuling Year-End Surprise 2020 program which is valid during December 2020. There are discounts on periodic maintenance spare parts, engine oil changes to brake cleaning, and wiper replacement!

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